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"Truck Stop Polly"
A Caravan Named Desire

"Quarreler's Pass"

Anne and Plantars arrive at the dry swamp, a large expanse of dry desert that is home to giant sandworms. Hop Pop reads a part from the play about the dry swamp much to Anne, Sprig and Polly's displeasure. While travelling across a sand dune, a sandworm suddenly erupts from the ground and begins to chase the fwagon as Hop Pop tries to escape. Just as the sandworm is almost upon them, they are rescued by a group of frogs who turn out to be an acting troupe lead by the famous playwright Renee Frodgers who drives her caravan around the sandworm, terrifying it as it returns back into the sandy depths. She introduces them to her troupe and all they have to offer, as Hop Pop excitedly wants to join the troupe while Sprig and Polly become entranced with a young method actor named Francis (who calls himself Francois). Anne on the other hand refuses to take part, due to a traumatizing incident in her youth and instead opts to complete a jigsaw puzzle which throughout the episode everyone continues to disrupt her from finishing as the pieces get scattered or undone.

Hop Pop auditions for the lead role, but Renee is unimpressed and claims he didn't have what it took to take the role. When he breaks down his reasoning for it and states that he didn't care whether or not he got the role, Renee favors his seriousness and determination, immediately giving him the main role. Meanwhile, Sprig and Polly meet with Francis and all the young method actors, who immediately criticize Sprig for not committing to his acting role while Polly becomes favored for staying in character, a pirate. The family proceed to travel with the acting troupe until one day Hop Pop decides to visit Renee's trailer for a new play idea, unintentionally interrupting a discussion taking place between Renee and her henchmen. Renee decides to tell Hop Pop the truth, that they are actually thieves who rob towns while the citizens are entranced by the play. Renee explains that no one cares about the theater arts anymore so they steal money to keep themselves afloat. Hop Pop decides to keep quiet about it despite Anne telling him that it is not a good idea.

As they arrive in the next town, Hop Pop performs for the audience with great manner, even enticing the guards situated in the banks. Sprig confronts Francis and ridicules him for his strict nature, which ironically causes Francis to finally appreciate Sprig. Hop Pop, while staying in role and performing, realizes that he must give up on his dreams for the greater good and confesses the robbery to the townspeople. A chase across the dry swamp ensues as Hop Pop tries to stop Renee who tries to escape with the money via her caravan, unlatching the trailers which Hop Pop was in and about to depart for good. All of a sudden, a giant sandworm which had been stalking them rises from the ground and knocks Renee out with Hop Pop almost catching her (he misses her completely and she lands on her face). Renee and the troupe are arrested by the guards as Hop Pop grabs the kids and flees town when the sheriff questions their awareness of the crime.

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