"Cracking Mrs. Croaker"
A Night at the Inn

"Wally and Anne"


The gang find themselves at the edge of the valley, only to see that it is still frozen over. Anne is upset that she still cannot explore beyond the Valley to find a way home, but Hop Pop explains to her that she needs to be patient. Sprig tries to cheer up Anne by taking her to a nearby creek where they hope to find remains of other frogs and dangerous creatures, but when Polly tries to do the same, Hop Pop prevents her from doing so as she is still considered a baby. Anne and Sprig then hurriedly return from the marshes they had been exploring and yell at Hop Pop to leave, then telling them of their encounter with legged leeches making Polly feel even more left out. Hop Pop rides Bessie away until she suddenly begins to go off road and screeches to a halt while Hop Pop attempts to examine what went wrong with the snail. It suddenly begins to rain and they are unable to see what is wrong with Bessie, despite Polly insisting that she can help and crawl under her to see what's the trouble being small enough to fit. They notice a bed and breakfast called the Dandy Lion Inn which they choose to stay in after their tent gets blown away briefly before being struck by lightning. They are greeted by a couple of horned bullfrogs named Teddy and Martha who kindly offer them four rooms for the price of one and freshly baked cookies, though Hop Pop makes it three rooms because of Polly being a baby so staying along with Hop Pop. Teddy and Martha later take their snail, Bessie, to keep in the inn's barn as Anne and the Plantars explore their new rooms.

Polly manages to swindle her way into getting her own room after she notices that it is unoccupied and Hop Pop reluctantly allows it as the room contains a doorway connected to Hop Pop's room. However, she becomes afraid of sleeping alone in the dark, seeing monsters made out of ordinary objects and hearing floorboards creaking under her. She decides she isn't tired anymore and visits Sprig and Anne's room, but finds both of their beds are empty. She notices Anne's phone atop her bed and questions her whereabouts as Anne never goes anywhere without it. She rushes back to Hop Pop's room to find his room empty as well and promptly gets attacked by a hooded figure. She escapes through the laundry chute and reaches a vent placed in the kitchen, discovering that the horned bullfrogs are actually cannibals who have drugged everyone with the cookies and plan to eat them while the unconscious Hop Pop, Sprig and Anne rotate on a rotisserie above a roaring fire. Polly bursts in smashes into Teddy who stumbles onto the other bullfrogs, meanwhile Polly jumps onto the dazed trio and slaps them forcing them to wake up. She attempts to free the ropes binding them but is confronted by Teddy, Martha and the other bullfrogs who loom over Polly and laugh at her meager attempt to free her family. However, Polly pulls off her hairpin and flings it at a nearby cauldron which causes a sauce to spill over, slipping the toads and giving Polly enough time to free her family.

The Plantars rush to the barn to get Bessie and discover many more snails from other travelers who suffered the same fate while Anne spills giant barrels of baking soda and vinegar in the inn's kitchen. Anne and the Plantars escape with Bessie and the other freed snails just as the combined ingredients causes a huge chemical explosion; destroying the Inn. They make it back home with Hop Pop admitting that Polly took good care of herself and that he will allow her to be more independent, starting with her now acquiring her very own bedroom. Polly however also confesses that she was also scared and decides to sleep in Hop Pop's bed anyway due to their recent terrifying adventure. Later, Anne and Sprig also arrive in their room due to tonight's events and the whole family snuggle up together, with Hop Pop being annoyed about Sprig's feet being too cold.

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