The Abandoned Factories, also known as the Ruins of Despair, are dome-shaped structures containing factories located outside the Valley of Amphibia which have the capability to produce automation such as robots.


Though appearing quite minuscule in size from it's above exterior, much of the factory is located underground leading from the top entrance, a set of bronze metal gates. The top dome is in the shape of a frog with two windows set above the doors resembling eyes. There is a steep passage which leads to the main factory assembly line which consists of a main electronic panel used for controlling the production via various buttons, switches and a CD drive. When used incorrectly, the panel goes into "assault mode" and activates a buzz saw. Behind glass panels surrounding the panel is the assembly line itself which contains many robotic arms and a metal conveyor belt. A lever located above the main panel is used to activate the factory.


Very little is known about the Abandoned Factories according to Hop Pop, but that they existed long before the creation of the Valley and have remained untouched since then. When a factory was activated by Sprig in the episode "Fort in the Road", automatic production of a robot frog began, with one being finished just before the factory collapsed when the main panel went out of control.


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