Albus Duckweed is a recurring minor character in Amphibia. He is a Salamander restaurant critic.


He is a green salamander with a purple suited tuxedo lined with golden buttons shaped in crosses. His hair is in a teal put into a ponytail with a purple bow, covered by a fancy black hat, similar to that worn by a pirate. He wears dark brown pants and purple dress shoes with yellow buttons.


According to "Lily Pad Thai", he is critical of other people’s work, especially if it has anything to do with food. He also seems to be very picky and criticizes people if he doesn't like what they seem to be doing or the food they serve to him. This is evident during the episode "Lily Pad Thai" where he criticizes Stumpy for his diner's condition and threatens to post a negative review, which he states is something he loves about his job as a restaurant critic. He is seen to have controversial, and sometimes strange, views on restaurants that he visits. After the kraken served to him as a meal grabs him, and begins to attack all the amphibians in the restaurant, he states it was a fascinating and stunning experience for him, and later posts a positive review of Stumpy's Diner.

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Patricio Lago
Flag of Spain Spanish (Castilian/Spain) Noberto Vilanova
Flag of Thailand Thai Rattanachai Lueangwongngam (รัตนชัย เหลืองวงศ์งาม)
Flag of Poland Polish Bartosz Martyna

Behind the Scenes


  • Albus Duckweed is voiced by Kevin McDonald, who voiced for many other Disney shows such as Lilo and Stitch.

Debut and Latest episode

  • Albus Duckweed debuted in the episode, “Dating Season” announcing something at the dance Sprig and Ivy went to. Albus’s latest appearance was in “Reunion".
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