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Amphibia is the titular main location of the series with the same name. The island itself is shaped like a lily pad when zoomed out. Every species of amphibian—frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts—live in Amphibia along with various creatures and monsters like giant mantises and predatory herons. Amphibia is the place where Anne, Marcy, and Sasha ended up after opening the Calamity Box Anne had stolen from a thrift store on her 13th birthday.


According to "Hop-Popular", there are 22,651 amphibians living in The Valley where Wartwood and the Toad Tower are located. The population of the whole of Amphibia has not yet been revealed in the series.


  • Frog Valley, also called "The Valley": One of the main regions in Amphibia, consists of towns and villages surrounded by dangerous mountain ranges and cliffs which occasionally freeze during their yearly cycle in which travel in and out of the valley is impossible. Wartwood Swamp and Toad Tower are both located in the valley.
    • Wartwood Swamp: One of the main towns located in the Valley, Wartwood Swamp is populated by anthropomorphic frogs. Unlike many cities located on Earth, Wartwood is not technologically advanced and uses traditional methods such as bio-luminescent mushrooms for light, bearing the resemblance of a medieval period as swords and bows are still widely used.
    • Plantar Residence: The Plantar Residence is where Sprig, Polly, and Hop Pop live. It is also where Anne currently resides, in the house's basement. In the episode "Family Shrub", it is revealed that the descendants of the Plantar family also occupied the residence, having made secret chambers for their own studies and occupations.
    • Toad Tower: A tower located far from Wartwood located in an area surrounded by steep cliffs and mountainous terrain. Toad Tower is inhabited by soldier toads with Captain Grime as their leader. Sasha, one of Anne's human friends, was formerly held prisoner here before joining the army as a second-in-command. The Toad Army are known as the protectors of the Valley.
  • Newtopia: A major city known throughout Amphibia as its capital. Newtopia is the residence of the ruling King Andrias.

Other Locations

Other locations in Amphibia which are minor or upcoming.


Unlike the wildlife found on Earth, the Amphibia's nature is much larger in size which possibly leads to the conclusion that the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere of Amphibia is higher than that of Earth which enable it to host larger in size varieties of creatures from Earth. Many of Amphibia's fauna (animals) are usually predators of the citizens of Amphibia such as praying mantises and giant weasels, this applies to some flora (plants) as well such as the Carnivorous Tomato Plant. However, there are a some animals that can be tamed and domesticated for transportation, such as snails, ladybugs, and spiders.


  • The land of Amphibia resembles that of a giant lilypad, a plant often associated with frogs and other swamp animals, such as newts and dragonflies.
  • Amphibia is named after the biological classification of amphibians, which makes sense since the majority of the population inhabiting Amphibia are amphibians themselves.
  • It might be possible that the world of Amphibia has more oxygen in its atmosphere than that of the environment of Earth. This may allow its creatures to grow many times larger than their Earth counterparts.
  • The native currency used in that world is copper.
  • In "Kermit Reacts to Amphibia," Kermit the Frog compared the island's appearance to that of the swamp he grew up in, which was "wetter, muddier, and closer to the Interstate."
  • In Reddit, Matt stated that Amphibia is as old as planet Earth.[1] And is as big as they need it to be, he guessed sort of Australia sized.[2]
  • In Reddit, Matt suggested that time may flow differently in Earth and Amphibia, but whether this is true is still unknown.[3]


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