The Amphibia Theme Song is the theme song to Amphibia composed by Doug Petty. It appears in every episode except "Toad Tax", "Prison Break", and "Reunion".


The intro consists of originally animated footage which introduces us to the characters.

  • Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright, and Marcy glance at the Calamity Box while Anne opens it on Earth. The chest bursts open with flashes of light, which transport the girls to Amphibia.
  • Anne is seen face first in a puddle, then she stands up to realize she is not home. The cam pans out to show a lily-pad shaped island, Amphibia.
  • Creatures, Amphibians, and more are seen as the cam passes to Anne ducking under the Plantar family house's small door and standing straight up with her hands on her hips. She is interrupted by a bunch of dragonflies zooming over her head.
  • The cam follows the dragonflies to an upper window which opens and introduces Sprig Plantar, who trips out the window. The cam enters a room where Hop Pop Plantar is reading and looks out the window to see Sprig falling for his life. Sprig lands in a wooden bucket then hit in the air by Polly Plantar who uses the bucket to stay cool in her water.
  • Sprig joins Anne and points the way. Anne and Sprig travel to various locations in Amphibia and meeting different characters. Hop Pop and Polly appear in some scenes.
  • An old printed image appears of the same three human girls from the first shots with the image being subtitled with "BFFs!!" and a heart. It appears to be stuck in the branch of a tree while the wind blows it as it storms. Lightning flashes and reveals an ominous-looking tower in the background.
  • The main characters meet in front of a pond, joined by other supporting characters, joined by random background Amphibians who appear closer to the screen.
  • The Amphibia logo appears, then a shine streaks across it with nature background sounds. The theme ends there. The short version also revolves around this, though the nature sounds are absent and the camera pans differently. Behind the logo is a stone carving of Anne, Sasha, and Marcy all armed with weapons fighting against a giant toad-like creature with flames in his hands.

Changes to Season 2

  • The scene where the family is fishing is shortened.
  • Some sound effects are placed earlier.
  • A scene of Anne and Sasha sword fighting which transitions out to Marcy holding the Calamity Box behind the silhouette of Anne and Sasha. It replaces the scene where Anne and Sprig high five and the BFFs image stuck in a tree branch.


  • The instrumental theme does not follow the same melody as that of Welcome to Amphibia, rather a different rendition of the same theme.
  • The Plantar Farm door and window effects, as well as the yellow terrain and the boulder effects, are animated in CGI.
  • Footage of the chest opening and the three girls being transported to Amphibia is used in "Best Fronds".
  • A short version of the intro is used in "Toad Tax", "Prison Break", and "Reunion".
  • On Disney XD, the song was shortened during marathons.
  • In the French dub, the "BFFs" caption is removed from the picture of Anne, Sasha, and Marcy.
  • In a video where Kermit the Frog reacts to the intro, the panned-out shot of Amphibia is longer to allow Kermit to comment on the island's lily-pad shape.
  • The two scenes where Anne and Sprig are surrounded by mudmen and where Anne and Sprig are running from a boulder in a temple are based on Amphibia’s pilot, Amphibiland.

Behind the Scenes 

Early Development

  • An early version of the instrumental theme was used when the intro was first revealed at San-Diego Comic-Con 2018.
    • The intro footage animated by Studio Yotta was slightly different in the Comic-Con version and the Welcome to Amphibia music video. Some of these differences include:
      • Some of the colors look a bit saturated and a bit vibrant in the SDCC footage and the Welcome to Amphibia music video compared to the final version.
      • Sound effects aren’t present, though they might be present in the Welcome to Amphibia music video, but were muted off.
      • The Disney text at the end of the intro is much smaller compared to the Welcome to Amphibia music video and the final version.
      • On the Welcome to Amphibia music video, a blur filter is present and the "Created by Matt Braly" is missing.

Early intro footage


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