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Anne's Racket is an object that appears in Amphibia. It is a pink tennis racket used by Anne for tennis at her school back on Earth. It since has been used as a weapon by her before being replaced by the sword Tritonio had given to her as a present in Combat Camp.

Owner and abilities

Anne is the owner of this racket and likely received it after joined the varsity team at her school. Though originally unintended as a weapon, Anne has been shown to be skilled at using it as one. In Flood, Sweat & Tears, Anne used her racket to knock out burrow bugs which had infested the Plantar's vegetable crops. In Toad Tax, Anne again used it to fight the toad soldiers who arrived in Wartwood to collect taxes, though it was shown to be moderately harmful against them. Anne was also shown to be adept at wielding her racket and her sword at the same time featured in the same episode.


This racket is pink and black with a white striped handle, and a green smiley face sticker fastened on the middle presumably added by Anne herself. The string is white complimenting the overall color contrast of the racket.


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