Anne Boonchuy (In Thai: แอนน์ บุญช่วย; English pronunciation: /bɔːntʃuːiː/bawn-CHOO-ee;) is a human girl who serves as the main protagonist of Amphibia. She is a 13-year-old Thai-American in the 7th grade, who stole the Calamity Box for her and her friends, Sasha and Marcy, which took her and her friends to the mystical and magical world of Amphibia.

While lost in a strange world on an island in the shape of a lily pad Anne finds a new best friend, an enthusiastic young 10-year-old frog named Sprig Plantar. Together they start seeking adventures and exploring the secrets of the world of Amphibia. Anne and her new friend's family try to uncover the mystery behind The Calamity Box and a way to get Anne back home.



Anne is a Thai-American teenage girl of tall height, with a slender build, light brown skin, and messy auburn hair. 

When she was younger, her hair was braided into a tuft on one side.[1] 


Anne Boonchuy Turnaround


Anne wears a school uniform as her everyday outfit. It consists of a white shirt with a purple collar and an "SJMS" (St. James' Middle School) crest embroidered on it, a short purple skirt, a pair of yellow sneakers with white lining, and white socks. She also carries a magenta pink backpack which contains all of her personal belongings. Anne has brown eyes which only appeared when she was in fear.

Anne has several other clothing appearances throughout the show:

In "Lily Pad Thai", she wears traditional Thai attire known as Sabai, consisting of a green wrap skirt with geometric print, a cream breast cloth draped over one shoulder, a chain of flowers in her hair, and an elaborate flower bracelet on her wrist.

In “Hop Pop and Lock”, Anne wears her bun on her head with a green ribbon tying it together, with a light pink headband. She also wears a green undershirt with a slightly darker pink T-Shirt. She also wears dark brown athletic shorts complimented by fuzzy pink legging cuffs. During the dance she wears a dark marine blue dress with her hair tied onto one side with a ribbon.

In “Girl Time”, she wears her cleansed hair flat reaching her shoulders after a spa and haircut treatment. She also wears a dark lime and yellow knee-length dress with a cross stitched across the chest. She also wears light brown shoes with black laces.

In “Best Fronds“, Anne wears her swimming kit which consists of a sleeveless black shirt, with cyan linings across the sides. She wears lilac colored shorts and dark aquamarine sandals, which contain yellow straps.

In “Flood, Sweat, & Tears”, she wears her sleeping attire which included a plain white T-shirt along with dark purple shorts with a violet-colored stripe. She is also barefoot and doesn't wear her shoes.

In “Stakeout” during her hallucination, she wears her normal clothing, however, her hair doesn’t have the leaves that are typically shown in the series. Instead her hair glows many shades of blue, purple, and pink, as her entire body, including a small twig in her hair, glows with a blue and purple hue.

In ”Reunion” during the flashback on Earth, her design is identical except that she has her right shoe, meaning this was before the series started. During the battle, Anne wears her normal outfit but along with brown metal armor and leather bands

Additional features

  • To accompany her auburn hair, Anne has two small leaves and a stick, which are situated in her hair throughout the series.
  • She's missing a shoe on her right foot while her only left shoe is worn loose to the point it could fall off unintentionally. Her other shoe is currently in Grime's possession.
  • Her shirt has a brown stain on the bottom left side which is presumably mud.
  • Additionally, for a short period of time after entering Amphibia, she has two rashes on her cheeks and two more stains on her clothes. ("Anne or Beast?")


Anne was described as "Self-Centered" by the official series description and as "fearless and independent" by her voice actress. As an example, in "Anne or Beast?" she was brave enough to hold back the red praying mantis that was twice her size, in the hopes that Sprig and the Wartwood townsfolk could flee unharmed. Also judging by her appearance, she is seemingly filled with an adventurous spirit, curiosity, and excitement. However, Anne would show a dislike to pineapples (especially as a pizza topping) and will threaten anyone mentioning it. She is also a bit of a rule-breaker, not respecting the limitations on her freedom within both Amphibia and the human world. As seen in episodes like "Best Fronds", Anne not only stole a music box while knowing it wasn't right to; she also showcases somewhat of a stubborn personality, this was shown throughout the series from when Anne pushed Sprig to go to the lake even though Hop Pop specifically told not to as he was still having doubts with Anne - thinking how he should not let a "monster" that is Anne wander outside and might terrorize the town. Anne is shown to have a particular desire for friends, so much so that she did anything back on Earth to be friends with Sasha and Marcy, as she believed they wouldn't want to be friends with her if she didn't listen to their requests. Despite her wild nature, she also shows to be caring to her friends and can take a favor, one being as how she was willing to break up Sprig and Maddie because of anxious and stressed Sprig is. Sometimes called "Angel of Death", it was also implied that she had done this to her other human friends. Oftentimes, Anne knows the wrong decisions she makes aren't right, but she isn't willing to admit it unless she was under mass amounts of pressure. In an episode such as Contagi-Anne, she learned her mistake when she knew it wasn't the right idea to fake her sickness, as it was likely the reason the rest of the Plantar family became sick due to an extra workload during a storm. She did attempt to make up for her mistake by taking care of the Plantar's in their sick state, but she didn't admit her errors to the family until she believed they were going to die from the "disease" they caught. Anne is a child of the modern era, Anne is a pop-culture enthusiast with a love for young-adult romance and adventure movies and TV and also reads manga. She has sometimes said slang words and internet acronyms such as "Lit", "IRL" "BRB" and used the shrug emoji when she wrote a letter to announce Sprig's breakup. Whenever she has downtime, she's pretty much always seen on her phone, listening to music, watching shows and films she downloaded and sometimes looking at or showing others pictures of her home. Anne's obsession with her phone has been implied to be more sentimental in nature, as although she uses it for several mundane tasks, she seems to care most for the memories the phone contains.

Anne's true selfless nature comes out when others are in danger. In these situations, Anne is willing to do seemingly anything to protect others, such as climbing entire mountains, fighting giant monsters and even standing up to entire armies. A natural athlete, Anne is great at several athletic activities, such as basketball and swimming. Being in shape, and as Humans are naturally stronger than most frogs and frog prey, Anne has proven herself time and time again to be a selfless and heroic defender of her people.
S1E3A No pineapple

Anne is kindhearted and warm with a romantic heart. Though her actual romantic relationships haven't been mentioned much, she takes great interest in the romantic lives of her loved ones - going far out of her way to try to make Sprig and Hop Pop confess their feelings to their crushes respectively. Despite this, she can be downright brutal with her breakups, giving her the title of "Angel of Death" back on Earth. She's also a practitioner of easy-break ups, advocating Sprig break up with over a letter.

Anne obviously cares about her adoptive family very much and greatly enjoys hanging out with them, especially Sprig and Polly. Within the first few months of her stay, she started referring to them as her family and after the Battle of the Tower, she told them all that they were family to her. After she became famous, she off-handily told them all that she loved them as she pushed them out of her room.
She is also sometimes naive, depicted in how she is easily manipulated by her human friends. In "Best Fronds", it was implied that she used to have an unhealthy relationship with Sash, stating that when someone needs something, that said friends give it to him/her. However, in "Reunion" she stood up to Sasha stating that Sprig was a better friend to her than Sasha as it was seen throughout the series.


Anne comes from a Thai-American family. She was also supposedly friends with two girls named Sasha and Marcy. However, in "Best Fronds" it is strongly implied that they were actually taking advantage of her, as she claims that one must do anything a friend wants oneself to do to keep the friendship alive, should one want to do it or not. One day, her "friends" forced her to steal a mysterious box from a store. Once she opened it, Anne (along with, unbeknownst to her, Sasha) was transported to Amphibia, a world with anthropomorphic frogs and dangerous creatures. For some time, she was forced to live in a cave, which was very unpleasant for her, especially at night (as giant creatures tried to eat her). The cave was a very dark, scary place at the time Anne stayed there for shelter. In “Reunion” according to Anne, has been eating “garbage” for quite a few months.

As revealed in flashback in "Reunion", Anne started off as a slightly conceited girl who nevertheless embraced her ethnic roots. She was best friends with a girl named Sasha who tended to push her around through peer pressure. At her behest, she abandoned her own birthday party set up by her family to go and steal a music box at a thrift store with her friends. The box transported her to Amphibia where she spent the first couple of weeks fending for herself in the wild.

Upon meeting the native Amphibians, Anne was taken aback by their way of living. It is only when she started living with the Plantars that she began to open up and learn more about herself. Anne realized that much of what she was brought up on made her somewhat materialistic and she began to accept simpler ways of living (though she still relies on her cell phone and has apparently gotten others addicted to its functions). There are even parts of herself that she had suppressed that, thanks to Sprig and the rest of the Plantars, she has opened up on such as cooking as seen in "Lily Pad Thai".

Her relationship with Sasha also begins to unravel as it becomes apparent that much of her decisions were more the result of being pressured and pushed around by her and Marcy. Her perception of friendship is depicted in "Best Fronds" when she states, "If a friend likes a pencil case, you get it for them. If your friend likes your new shoes, you give them to her. And if your friend wants you to steal a crazy music box from a thrift store, even if you really don't want to, you do it, okay?" Through her constant interaction with Sprig, a somewhat simple-minded child, Anne is able to look at friendship in a whole new way. She begins to desire a more compassionate relationship with those close to her. By the end of "Reunion", she finally sees through Sasha's manipulative tactics thanks to Sprig who sees Anne for who she is: a kind and considerate person who is willing to protect her friends.

Much of Anne's family life at home remains a mystery, but it is implied that she maintains a pretty healthy relationship with her parents despite the fact that she clearly is rebellious even at home. Her family apparently runs a restaurant and therefore knows the ins and outs of running one, ("The font on these menus is way too small; Rookie mistake.").


Anne's characterization, much like most major characters in the show, has a noticeable arc throughout the show. When she first appeared, Anne, though appearing strong-willed and confident, was shown to be easily manipulated and lonely deep-down, as her conversation with Sprig in "Best Fronds" revealed. She was manipulated into skipping school, vandalizing buildings and robbing a Thrift Shop by her best friends. Unknowingly, she acted this way towards her new friend, Sprig, to a lesser extent, manipulating him into doing something he didn't wish to do. She was also very self-centered and selfish, even if not overtly, believing her problems were worse than others because they were hers.

Despite all of her flaws, Anne still proved herself brave, caring, compassionate and kind in her early days in Amphibia even if she was alienated by her fellow townspeople. As Anne stayed in the small town more and more, she became more accepted and even loved by her townspeople, and Anne herself became better integrated into the town. She helped out with the Plantar farm, helped them sell their goods, shopped at local stores, even worked at Stumpy's Diner briefly and even became a symbol of town pride briefly.

During this period, Anne grew to love the Plantars. Going from her "favorite frog family" to " her family" as the show went on. In general, she acted very sisterly towards Sprig and Polly, almost always carrying Polly whenever they left their house and giving Sprig lots of advice on dating, having fun and other things. There were many times in the show where she referred to the Plantars as her family without hesitation.

The tipping point of Anne's acceptance, however, was when the Tax Collectors came to town. Though she joined them, she was the only member to show compassion for the residents and eventually used her sword-fighting skills to fight off the Tax Collectors, nearly getting killed in the process. After this, Anne became not only a worthy member of the town but a hero to many. She went on adventures with residents such as Wally and Maddie, defended the town from creatures, befriended several others and was even voted to be the "Frog of the Year".

Her arc came at a head when she was forced to fight her best friend from the human world, Sasha, sword-to-sword in order to protect the town she grew to love from destruction.

Other aspects of Anne grew and developed as well. Namely, her reliance on her phone, her laziness and her appreciation of Amphibian food. While never really obsessed with her phone, she used it constantly for various activities, such as looking at pictures of her home, pets, friends, watching movies and TV shows and lighting up dark rooms. Though she still appreciated the phone, she grew to do other things in her spare time.

S1E3A Anne proposes to make pizza

As for her laziness, while never too lazy, she would sometimes connive her way out of work if she felt it was too much. She stopped doing this after her laziness nearly got her friends killed, or so she thought.

In terms of food, as the show went on, Anne subtly went from hating Amphibian food to being okay with it, to even craving it near the end, sometimes catching herself for liking such weird stuff, believing she was in the world for way too long.



In the episode "Lily Pad Thai", she was seen being proficient in culinary-related activities; having a vast knowledge of her own culture's cuisine. It was also stated that her parents owned a Thai restaurant back in her hometown. It can also be stated that she can be a professional waitress as she can persuade customers to eat at Stumpy's restaurant and acquire each customer's needs like delivering food and refilling drinks.

She can also cook better than Hop Pop that as he once stated before eating Anne's homemade omelet that he was eating "garbage" all this time, it can also be a callback to how he always loose at the food competition when he submits his own food as an entry.

Athletic Abilities

Anne has been shown to be a natural athlete, claiming to have played varsity and practiced bouldering in school. In "The Big Bugball Game", she quickly becomes the star player of the team and is able to help them win the annual Bugball game. She is also able to use her skills in combat as well, holding her own stand against Toad Soldiers in "Toad Tax" and other threats throughout the show.

Anne Boonchuy Bow
In "Anne Hunter" we'll see Anne put her self-consciousness aside in order to learn the true way of the hunter. She will learn how to use a bow and arrow.



Main article: Anne and Sprig's Relationship

In the promotional description, Sprig was depicted not only as Anne's best friend but her first actual friend and sidekick who accompanies her in all the crazy adventures that Anne goes through.

Sprig is the complete opposite of Anne's friend, Sasha because he was the reflection of how Anne views what friendship really is. He was always there for her every time, even in times of hardship. Their relationship with Anne is very complex; in one episode where they had an argument about being roommates with each other when Hop Pop's basement which is also Anne's temporary bedroom flooded, and she had to move upstairs to Sprig's room. The fact that even after a fight, their relationship only grew stronger.


Polly was originally suspicious of Anne after the decision to let her stay in their home for the time she was in Amphibia. She even held onto a rolling pin for some time as both for defense and threatening Anne to not step out of line. Eventually, she started to warm up to her over the next few weeks of getting to know her, even if she wasn't very accustomed to Anne's lifestyle from where she lived. However, in episodes like Girl Time, Polly had begun to take a disliking to Anne after she was dragged around with her to do girly things that didn't fit any of her interests. but eventually, Anne began to realize it wasn't right to force Polly into surroundings she wasn't comfortable with and apologized, with Polly knowing that Anne just wanted them to have a good time.

Hop Pop

Hop Pop was the most paranoid of the family during Anne's new presence in the town of Westwood, but he was willing to let her stay with the family until she finds a way home. He has been known to teach Anne certain lessons about life along the way like in Anne Theft Auto when he taught Anne that there was more to driving than simply experience. Anne has also assisted Hop Pop during her stay like in Hop Pop and Lock when she tried to show him proper dancing moves in order to impress Sylvia Sundew. Hop Pop's paranoia, however, is also what's keeping him from telling information he found out about Anne's supposed music box. Even in Bizarre Bazaar, Anne trusted Hop Pop with the box, believing he could find more information about it in due time. But instead, he decided to bury the box beside the Plantar Farm, as he believed it to be too dangerous for the village.


Main article: Sasha and Anne’s Relationship

Sasha is one of two friends Anne had when she was in their world. The details of this relationship are as of yet unknown, but we do know that Anne saw her as one of her best friends and did anything to earn said friendship, even things she didn't want to do. She sometimes worries about her and Marcy even though Sasha and possibly Marcy is using her.

In the episode Reunion, in the flashback, Anne and Sasha were very close friends as it was shown when Sasha was trying to brighten Anne's day by hanging out with each other as a celebration for her birthday. Up until later when Sash showed her toxic attributes when she forced Anne to do her bidding, despite Anne being clearly uncomfortable by the thought of stealing from a thrift store.

Later in the episode, Anne realizes how controlling Sasha was of her life when she was fighting with her the "Toad Way" when she defended Sprig from Sasha's sword, things heated up leading to the conclusion that Anne thought that Sprig's friendship with her was healthier than that of her relationship with Sasha.

Although Sasha can be very controlling of Anne, she on the other hand also cares for her stating that Anne should be better off without her when she let go of Anne's hand when she tried to help Sasha from the collapsing tower.


Marcy is also one of the two friends Anne had in her world. Again, the relationship between the three is still unknown, but Anne considers Marcy as one of her best friends.


Domino is her pet cat that makes brief appearances throughout the series. She showed Sprig and Polly, a video of Domino in Hop Luck. She dubbed a Kill-a-pillar, Domino 2 in The Domino Effect.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Arelys González
Flag of Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Juliana Cagiano
Flag of Spain Spanish Paula Carro
Flag of France French Julia Khaye
Flag of Hungary Hungarian Csuha Bori
Flag of Japan Japanese Rio Satō (佐藤 里緒)
Flag of Malaysia Malay Aby Zarina Ahmad Roslan
Flag of Poland Polish Magdalena Wasylik
Flag of Netherlands Dutch Lottie Hellingman
Flag of Thailand Thai Pimpida Pitaksonggram (พิมพิดา พิทักษ์สงคราม)
Flag of Turkey Turkish Gözde Kısa

Memorable Quotes

My name's Anne. Anne Boonchuy.

—Anne Boonchuy, Anne or Beast?

When you’ve got your friend by your side, anything is possible.

—Anne Boonchuy, Best Fronds

They’re not just frogs. They’re my friends!

—Anne Boonchuy, Reunion

All I wanted was this town's respect. But just because these people treated me crummy doesn’t mean I’m gonna do the same to them. I’m done with this. I don’t care if they’ve broken the law. You can’t treat people like this!

—Anne Boonchuy, Toad Tax

Well, whatever happens next, one thing for sure. If we’re together, I know we’ll be all right.

—Anne Boonchuy, Reunion

Behind the Scenes

Early Development

Original concept art by Joe Sparrow showed that Anne was going to have a much rougher hairstyle and have a more boring personality on Earth. She was also shown to be wearing many different styles of clothing including a SJMS jacket and longer shirt.

Name and Basis

Anne's last name, Boonchuy, roughly translates to "one who encourages or performs good deeds" in the Thai language.[2]

Anne was based on Matt Braly's childhood trips to Bangkok, Thailand, in which she is a Thai-American.[3]

She was also based on Pacifica Northwest, a self-centered girl who improves her behavior as time goes by from the show "Gravity Falls", which Matt Braly worked on,[4] and on Matt Braly's grandmother when she was a child.[5]


Anne is voiced by Brenda Song, who is coincidentally also Thai-American.


Anne first debuted in the series premiere, Anne or Beast?, and in Teen Girl in a Frog World, she first debuted in No Signal.



  • Anne's parents have a Thai restaurant back on Earth named Thai Go.
    Thai Go Restaurant

    Thai Go restaurant owned by Anne's parents

  • Anne had a black and white-colored cat called Domino back on Earth.[6]
    Anne's Cat

    Anne's cat Domino as she scrolls through her phone,

  • It is revealed in Reunion that the day Anne was teleported to Amphibia was also the same day she turned 13 years old, and her parents had planned to throw her a party at home.
  • Anne had possession of the magic chest until she trusted Hop Pop to take it for further research. For an unknown reason, the chest is now missing its gem colors.
  • Anne's eyes faded blue in Anne or Beast? but the reasoning is still unknown.
  • She's skilled at fusion cooking and cutting food.
  • Anne was part of her school's Tennis Varsity ("Flood, Sweat & Tears"), which explains why she often carries a tennis racket with her.
  • She has brown irises. ("Breakout Star")
  • She is a loud and messy eater. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • She likes massaging chairs and will deny if being asked to get off them. ("Girl Time")
  • She does read zoo books and manga sometimes. ("Trip to the Archives")
  • She did a bouldering Club in School. ("Wally and Anne")
  • Back at home she was bullied and picked on by a girl named Maggie ("Reunion")
  • Anne has currently been living in Amphibia for more than 3 months as of Reunion.
  • Anne is the first leading animated character in television history, to be Thai-American and the second leading Asian-American animated character on Disney Channel after Jake Long from American Dragon: Jake Long, who is of Chinese-American descent.
  • Anne mentions that she is once a whack-a-mole champion on Earth. ("Whack-A-Mole")
  • It is strongly implied that Anne is very responsible for the use of her phone since she spent days in Amphibia with her phone still being at full battery until Hop Pop drained it all in the episode "Taking Charge".
  • She attends Saint James Middle School which seems to be a parochial school.
  • Despite showing that she can get clean and has worn clean clothing and comb or slicked her hair on more than one occasion, her hair always seems to revert back to having leaves and sticks in it as if she has been dragged through the woods again.
  • Anne was originally envisioned as being boring on earth before being reinvented by the crew. Her personality was loosely based on Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls and Matt Braly's grandmother when she was a little girl.
  • Her last name "Boonchuy" (Thai: บุญช่วย) roughly translates to "one who encourages or performs good deeds" in Thai. This fits her character as she always attempts to help the people of Wartwood and improve herself
  • Anne has shown a number of interesting talents over the course of the series such as dancing, shooting, cooking and sewing. It is implied that she learned some of these skills either through her family, her school clubs, or her friends.
  • Some of Anne's quips such as her saving "Obvi", which is short for "Obviously", most likely came from Sasha, showing the influence she has had on her.
  • In "Reunion", it is revealed that Anne hated frogs to the point that Sasha would make fun of her because of it and try to gross her out.
  • Before living with the Plantars, Anne located herself in a cave that was filled with creatures.
  • Clothing similar to Anne's school uniform were shown by Carbon Costume for fans who want to cosplay as her.


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