The following article details the life of Anne Boonchuy, the future hero of Amphibia, from beginning to end.

Early Life

13 years before her transportation to Amphibia, Anne Boonchuy, a self centered, independent and fearless Thai-American girl, is born. (Pre-Show)

Thai Go Restaurant

Anne's parent's restaurant.

Anne's Cat

Anne's beloved cat Domino.

Not much is known of her previous life, except that her parents owned a Thai restaurant, where she learned how to cook Thai food, Anne adopted a stray cat called Domino, and she became "friends" with Sasha and Marcy. We also know that she made her school's varsity for tennis and additionally joined the bouldering club as well.

The Present

Anne and her "friends" do everything together: They marathon dumb TV shows, they drink soda until the vomit and they go to the beach. This all happens only if Anne does all what they ask her for: If they want her pencil case, or her new shoes, then Anne must give them. One day, she is pushed by her "friends" Sasha and Marcy, two fellow school girls, to make a rash decision and steal a musical box (the Calamity Box). (Pre-Show)


"And if a friend wants you to steal a crazy music box from a thrift store, even if you really don't want to, you do it, ok? Because if you don't...They might not want to be your friend anymore."


From now on, nothing will be the same.

The chest transports her (and the other girls) to Amphibia, a magical dimension filled with anthropomorphic amphibians and dangerous creatures to a tropical island. (Pre-Show)

Amphibia birds-eye view HD

"Now I find myself in the wild unknown, With the frogs and the toads and I'm far from home..."

Lost in the south forest, Anne meets One-Eyed Wally, a town vagrant. Wally is frightened by her, and runs off, declaring that there is a "beast" in the land. Anne later encounters Sprig Plantar, a young amphibian who wants to prove himself responsible to his grandfather, Hop Pop Plantar.

Anne, lost, confused, and a little crazy, traps Sprig in order to stop him from attacking her.

Screenshot 20190612-194306

"Thought you got the best of ol' Anne, didn't ya?"

Suddenly, a giant monster approaches them. Anne, at first, tries to run off. But she refuses to allow Sprig to die, and she saves him from the monster as she dashes into a fallen tree log.

"Ok, your hand just barfed on my hand."

Hiding under a log, Sprig tells Anne that she is a hero, and the two decide to get along, with Sprig saying he'll get her some food after she rejects his offer of bugs.

Animation Magazine screenshot2

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Anne hesitates at first, but eventually she agrees, and follows him.

While they sit together in another part of the woods, Anne tells Sprig her story: How she got lost in another dimension out of nowhere. She then asks him why he's here, but before he can answer, a mob of people (organized by Wally from before and Mayor Toadstool, the sleazy mayor of the town Sprig's from) attack her and tie her up.

At first, Anne is furious at the accidental betrayal, so sure she was that Sprig was becoming her friend. But once the real beast attacks, the amphibian boy refuses to let this kind hero die and he leaps to her defense. Anne, seeing that Sprig really is on her side, joins the fight and together, the two beat the monster.

Despite this, the town still want to drive her out, but Sprig and Hop Pop Plantar (Sprig's grandfather and guardian) vouch for her.


"Welp, this has been fun, but just give me a map. I've gotta get out of this kooky place."

Anne, happy that it's all over, asks for a map so she can get out of this kooky place, but the Plantars tell her that for the next two months, escape is impossible through the frozen valley.

With no other choice, Anne moves into the Plantar's basement for the foreseeable future.

Despite wanting to go back home, Anne admits that she is happy to be staying in the house. That doesn't stop her from trying to open the magical chest (which she has kept with her) and go back home. But the chest isn't working (its gems mysteriously devoid of their colors), and Anne sighs.

"Looks like I'm going to be here for a while."

The next day, after having a dream that reminds her of how she got to Amphibia, Anne wakes up, sure that it was all just a dream. To her slight disappointment, it turns out to not have been a dream at all.

In Amphibia

Hop Pop and Polly Plantar (Sprig's violent little sister) don't trust Anne, but Sprig does, and he wants to see how she's doing.

Screenshot 20190612-161610

"The little one wants to kill me."

Anne's not doing well, though. She misses her home, her stuff and... her friends. She feels lost and wants to search for a way to get her back to Earth and find her friends as well. ("Best Fronds")
Old Picture subbed BFFs!!

Anne misses her friends. If she only knew...

Seeing her sadness, Sprig offers his friendship as a substitute, and Anne decides to give him a chance. Sprig suggests going to the lake, and Anne jumps at the chance to have some fun. Unfortunately, Hop Pop refuses to let them out, stating that the town is small-minded and paranoid. He locks the door and takes the key.

Anne, thanks to the negative influence of Sasha and Marcy, refuses to lose out, and with help from Sprig, steals the key from a dozing Hop Pop. The two run off, ready for a day of fun, an occasion that Anne marks with her first BFF'S selfie with Sprig.



First BFF picture.

At the lake, though, things run off course: a "No Swimming" sign is present, and Sprig, sensing danger, tells Anne it's better not to go. Anne lashes out, telling Sprig that if a friend tells you to do something, even if you really don't want to do it, you do it anyway. Because you might lose them if you don't.

As she says this, Anne feels guilt from the theft she committed. Sprig, wanting to be Anne's friend, jumps in, and the two have a ton of fun.

"This is great! Two pals..."


"To have some fun."

Unfortunately, it doesn't last. A giant snake attacks, and the two new friends try to defend themselves.

Sprig jumps into the monster's mouth to stop it, shocking Anne, who is sure she's just lost her new BFF. Enraged, Anne demands vengeance, and tries to kill the monster, but Sprig manages to escape, thanks to some Pain Peppers Hop Pop made earlier.

"Beating the odds..."

Anne is overjoyed at her friend's survival, and the pair run back home, the wool successfully kept over Hop Pop and Polly's eyes. Sprig falls asleep, Anne puts him to bed, and, despite still wanting to find Sasha and Marcy and get back home, says the following sentence: "Sasha, Marcy... I hope you guys are okay. Because I am."
Screenshot 20190614-170321

Some time later, Anne and Sprig are going through Anne's stuff when Hop Pop calls them up to eat. Anne thinks the food is disgusting, and decides to skip it. ("Cane Crazy")

Hop Pop, insulted, tries to insult her back, but Anne keeps coming up with better burns. Hop Pop, wanting Anne to respect him, threatens to kick her out if she doesn't shape up, and goes to take a nap. ("Cane Crazy")

Anne doesn't care, though, and she starts to make fun of Hop Pop, impersonating him and mocking him, to the amusement of Sprig and Polly. Anne goes too far, though, and she breaks Hop Pop's favorite cane, one that was passed down to him from his father and his father's father. ("Cane Crazy")

Anne and the frog kids try to fix it, but to no avail. Not wanting to go back to living in the woods, Anne, Sprig and Polly go to Leopold Loggles, the woodsmith of Wartwood. ("Cane Crazy")

Leopold can't help them, though, since the cane is made from the very rare and very dangerous Doom Tree. ("Cane Crazy")

Anne snaps a pic of the map, and she and the frog kids embark on a short journey to the tree. ("Cane Crazy")

Once there, Anne and Sprig remove the branch they need, but the Doom Tree turns into a giant mantis and chases them. ("Cane Crazy")

Anne, Sprig and Polly run to Leopold's, and his store is torn apart by the monster. Only by working together do Anne, Sprig and Polly destroy the monster. ("Cane Crazy")

Despite this, the store is destroyed, which makes Anne and the kids lose their new cane. ("Cane Crazy")

Anne goes back home with Sprig and Polly, and realizing she had misbehaved, confesses to the now awake Hop Pop and begins to leave, prompting Sprig and Polly to cry, since they'll miss her. ("Cane Crazy")

Hop Pop explains that he didn't really mean to kick Anne out, he just wanted to assert his responsibility. He punishes her with dish duty for a month, but reassures her that she's staying. ("Cane Crazy")

Anne accepts her punishment, and happily hugs her frog family. ("Cane Crazy")

Some time later, Anne and Sprig are working in the garden, doing chores. The two work together perfectly, and celebrate their friendship. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")

Suddenly, Anne hears a commotion and runs in with Sprig to her room. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")

It turns out that Anne's room got a leak, and until Hop Pop fixes it, Anne will have to sleep somewhere else. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")

Anne decides to bunk with Sprig, and despite Hop Pop's warnings, the two go ahead and do it. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")

At first, the two have fun, but tensions mount over the smallest things, and their friendship begins to suffer because of this. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")

For the next 9 days, Anne and Sprig clash, until they can barely talk to each other. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")

Anne asks Hop Pop if he's finished with the leak, desperately wanting things to go back to normal.

Anne looks at some pictures she took with Sprig, and feels bad, so she decides to make up with him, but her attempts to make things right end up breaking one of Sprig's action figures. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")

Anne, just wanting things to go back to normal, and driven nuts by Sprig, decides to fix the leak herself, something Sprig decided to do as well. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")

The two realize they need to work together to get rid of the monsters that have infested the leak, and they manage to do just that in the end. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")

When Hop Pop comes to check on them, Anne (alongside Sprig) profess that their friendship is ruined, but Hop Pop tells them that now that they're being honest with each other, their friendship is even stronger. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")

Anne and Sprig make up, Anne goes to sleep on the couch in the living room, and through a homemade can phone, Anne talks to Sprig, their friendship stronger than ever, their souls united forever. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")

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