Season 1

My name's Anne. Anne Boonchuy.

—Anne Boonchuy, "Anne or Beast?"

When you’ve got your friend by your side, anything is possible.

—Anne Boonchuy, "Best Fronds"

All I wanted was this town's respect. But just because these people treated me crummy doesn’t mean I’m gonna do the same to them. I’m done with this. I don’t care if they’ve broken the law. You can’t treat people like this!

—Anne Boonchuy, "Toad Tax"

They’re not just frogs. They’re my friends!

—Anne Boonchuy, "Reunion"

Well, whatever happens next, one thing's for sure. If we’re together, I know we’ll be all right.

—Anne Boonchuy, "Reunion"

Season 2

Oh, you just made a big mistake, buddy.

—Anne Boonchuy, "Handy Anne"

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