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In the promotional description, Sprig was depicted not only as Anne's best friend but her first actual friend and sidekick who accompanies her in all the crazy adventures that Anne goes through.

Sprig is the complete opposite of Anne's friend - Sasha - because he was the reflection of how Anne views what friendship really is. He was always there for her every time, even in times of hardship. In one episode where they had an argument about being roommates with each other when Hop Pop's basement which is also Anne's temporary bedroom flooded, and she had to move upstairs to Sprig's room. The fact that even after a fight, their relationship only grew stronger.

Sprig has become something of a surrogate brother to Anne; as she is constantly giving him advice and trying to make him happy. Anne will do anything to help Sprig and they trust each other with everything.


Polly was originally suspicious of Anne after the decision to let her stay in their home for the time she was in Amphibia. She even held onto a rolling pin for some time as both for defense and threatening Anne to not step out of line. Eventually, she started to warm up to her over the next few weeks of getting to know her, even if she wasn't very accustomed to Anne's lifestyle from where she lived. However, in episodes like "Girl Time", Polly had begun to take a disliking to Anne after she was dragged around with her to do girly things that didn't fit any of her interests. but eventually, Anne began to realize it wasn't right to force Polly into surroundings she wasn't comfortable with and apologized, with Polly knowing that Anne just wanted them to have a good time. The two have have since formed a sisterly bond, going on on many misadventures together. Polly enjoys shows and movies from Anne's world and really likes her cooking.

Hop Pop

Hop Pop was the most paranoid of the family during Anne's new presence in the town of Wartwood, but he was willing to let her stay with the family until she finds a way home. He has been known to teach Anne certain lessons about life along the way like in "Anne Theft Auto" when he taught Anne that there was more to driving than simply experience. Anne has also assisted Hop Pop during her stay like in "Hop Pop and Lock" when she tried to show him proper dancing moves in order to impress Sylvia Sundew. Hop Pop's paranoia, however, is also what's keeping him from telling information he found out about Anne's supposed "music box". Even in "Bizarre Bazaar", Anne trusted Hop Pop with the box, believing he could find more information about it in due time. But instead, he decided to bury the box beside the Plantar Farm, as he believed it to be too dangerous for the village.


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Sasha is one of two friends Anne had when she was in their world. The details of this relationship are as of yet unknown. Anne and Sasha have been friends since they were little. On her birthday, Anne was defended by Sasha when Maggie, a fellow kid in their class, was ridiculing her Thai food, calling it a "puke bun". Sasha catches this, and talks Anne's bully down. From that incident onwards, Anne and Sasha are indebted to each other. We do know that Anne saw her as one of her best friends and did anything to earn said friendship, even things she didn't want to do. She sometimes worries about her and Marcy even though Sasha and possibly Marcy are using her.

In the episode "Reunion", in the flashback, Anne and Sasha were very close friends as it was shown when Sasha was trying to brighten Anne's day by hanging out with each other as a celebration for her birthday. Up until later when Sash showed her toxic attributes when she forced Anne to do her bidding, despite Anne being clearly uncomfortable by the thought of stealing from a thrift store.

Later in the episode, Anne realizes how controlling Sasha was of her life when she was fighting with her the "Toad Way" when she defended Sprig from Sasha's sword, things heated up leading to the conclusion that Anne thought that Sprig's friendship with her was healthier than that of her relationship with Sasha.

Although Sasha can be very controlling of Anne, she on the other hand also cares for her stating that Anne should be better off without her when she let go of Anne's hand when the latter tried to help Sasha from the collapsing tower.


Marcy is also one of the two friends Anne had in her world. Again, the relationship between the three is still unknown, but Anne considers Marcy as one of her close friends. However, Anne is usually responsible for making sure Marcy doesn't get herself injured, due to her clumsiness. It isn't until Anne sees Marcy fend for herself, that she realizes that Marcy has truly changed since they arrived in Amphibia and she's more than capable of taking care of herself now. After Marcy learns that Anne and Sasha had a fight, she and Anne both agree that it's time they made their own decisions and promise to find Sasha, as well as a way home, together.


Domino is her pet cat that makes brief appearances throughout the series. She showed Sprig and Polly, a video of Domino in " Hop Luck." She dubbed a Kill-a-pillar, Domino 2 in "The Domino Effect."

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