"Taking Charge"
Anne Theft Auto

"Breakout Star"
Anne Theft Auto

Hop Pop Plantar allows Anne Boonchuy to ride Bessie, the family snail but only if she reads Bessie's history journal before doing so. Anne thinks it's better to ride by experience rather than reading a long book, so she and Sprig Plantar take it for a joy ride. While passing Mrs. Croaker who was riding very slowly on her own bug, Sprig mocks her for being slow as they speed away before buying Swamp slushies. They then drive off-road and roam through the forest at top speed before landing in a clearing. Anne then decides to get back on the main road, but Bessie hides in her shell and refuses to move or come out. Anne asks Sprig to go back to the farm to get Hop Pop.

As Sprig is walking back to the farm, he passes by Mrs. Croaker, who allows Sprig to ride with her. They begin the journey to the farm but Mrs. Croaker rides extremely slowly and sings songs which annoys Sprig intensely. To pass the time, Anne decides to read Bessie's history journal to pass the time. She then reaches the part which explains why Bessie hides in such situations, which is to avoid the snail's top predator, large hedgehogs. Anne realizing the danger quickly reads on and reaches the part where it states that when in trouble shout "Bess we're in a mess!". Hedgehogs begin to appear and surround Anne and Bessie but after Anne yells "Bessie, things are getting messy!", Bessie suddenly erupts out of her shell and speeds off away from the hedgehogs. As Anne and Bessie are escaping though, the Hedgehogs catch up to them, so Anne reaches into a special compartment in Bessie which contained special berries which she fed to Bessie, caused her slime to convert into a sticky substance, causing the Hedgehogs to slip and crash into each other and Bessie manages to outrun the array, picking up Sprig along the way who had barely reached the farm. As soon as Sprig goes on Bessie though, Mrs. Croaker laughs and speeds off. Sprig realizes he had been played and Anne states "Mrs. Croaker is everything I want to be when I grow up".

After returning home, Anne decides to sleep outside with Bessie and finishes the history journal. After Anne finished the book, she goes to Hop Pop's room in the morning, very tired, saying that she finished it, Hop Pop then starts talking about the fact that she now needs experience, causing Anne to weirdly started chuckling, then laughing crazily, and bumping into a wall as she leaves. Hop Pop states he doesn't feel safe in his own house.

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