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Hop Pop: Ah, a leisurely outing with Bessie. Why, we could really go anywhere. Do anything.

Sprig: Ooh, ooh! Can we get Swamp Slushies? They have new flavors.

Hop Pop: [Laughs] Nope.

Polly: Can we go off-road? Do some crazy stunts?

Hop Pop: Double no.

Anne: Ooh, ooh! Can I drive?

Hop Pop: Sure.

Anne: Aw, come on, Hop Pop- Wait, really?

Hop Pop: Absolutely. I've been trying to teach this guy for years.

Sprig: It's true.

Anne: All right! Give me those reins. I'm ready to drive.

Hop Pop: Not before reading this, you ain't.

Anne: What?

Hop Pop: This is Bessie's History. Before touching a snail's reins, you gotta know them. Feel their heartbeat next to yours and become one.

Anne: Hop Pop, it's just a vehicle. We had a family car back home. It's no biggie.

Anne: Oof!

Hop Pop: Don't care. You can't drive Bessie, unless you read this cover to cover. And that's final.

Anne: Are there pictures?

Hop Pop: There are diagrams.

Anne: No!

Hop Pop: Dramatic much?

Hop Pop: Now if you'll excuse me, Polly's due for a wash.

Polly: No, no. Wait. No! I'll just get dirty again. You can't stop me! I learned this from watching you, Anne!

Anne: I'll be old before I finish reading this thing.

Sprig: Yeah, page five is as far as I got. Too much description, not enough plot.

Anne: I don't need history. I need experience. Hey. What do you say we take a harmless test-drive? Prove to Hop Pop we're fast learners?

Sprig: Hmm. Do you get the feeling this is one of those decisions we'll look back on and say, "Ooh-boy, we probably shouldn't have done that"?

Anne: ♪We'll get Swamp Slushies while we're out♪

Sprig: No regrets!

Anne: That's what I like to hear. Hyah!

Sadie Croaker: Huh? What in tarnation? Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Sprig: Out of the way, slowpoke!

Sadie Croaker: Hooligans! Ruffians! Swamp suckers!

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