"Dating Season"
Anne Vs. Wild


While digging through her backpack, Anne finds a bath bomb that she unknowingly brought from home. She runs outside to tell the Plantars and discovers them leaving to Camp Phlemington to enjoy the great outdoors. Due to Anne being "soft", they felt that it was unnecessary to invite her as the outdoors are tough. Not wanting to feel like a buzzkill and spend more time with the family, Anne claims that she does enjoy the outdoors and does not mind leaving the comforts of home to hang out with them. Hop Pop and Polly are skeptical, but Sprig happily invites her. They arrive at the camp where is becomes very obvious that Anne is out of her element. Lacking the skills for fishing, setting up a tent, being bitten by large spiders. During the night she even rolls down a hill in her sleeping bag and lands in a thorn patch much to her agony.

Hop Pop tells Anne that she can take Bessie and go home, but she refuses by blaming the fact that the camping at Phlemington was too easy for her and that she was used to something more extreme. They are approached by Soggy Joe who over hears them and offers to take them to the more dangerous part of the woods for some real camping. After reaching the campsite where giant spiders, poisonous centipedes and skeletons are present, Joe tells the family a tale of the infamous Mudmen who are mythical creatures that live in this very bog and only fear two things, being clean and sunlight before Joe goes off to call nature in the bushes leaving the terrified family alone. Sprig asks Anne if she likes this more extreme camping to which she replies she does. Joe then arrives back and groans before falling over, an axe embedded on his back. The campfire goes suddenly out and Hop Pop lights it up again with his handy copper matches, to reveal Mudmen ascending from the murky mud pools armed with tools and knives. They then turn to the family and start attacking them while Anne commands them to grab sticks with fire and ward the creatures off. This doesn't work as the Mudmen throw balls of mud at them, taking out the fire as they are cornered, trembling in fear. Anne remembers that they hate to be clean, so she throws her bath bomb she had in her bag causing a massive pink explosion, and the Mudmen are revealed to be wimpy frogs who hide in the swamp to eat trespassers and briefly run away.

Anne then tells the Plantar's the truth and that she didn't want to be left out which is why she agreed to camp with them, to which the Plantar's happily say they will include from now on wherever they go whether she likes it or not. Joe then rises from the ground and flexes his jacket causing the axe to pop out, stating it was a good thing he brought his axe proof jacket and as a treat takes the family for some pancakes. later at home, Anne shows the Plantars the music box, which Hop Pop says he had never seen before and goes to bed. Late at night, Hop Pop is in his study and reading through an old book and arrives at a page with the music box Anne had showed him on it called the "Calamity Box". The page declares that the Calamity Box was extremely dangerous and had been destroyed previously.

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