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This is an overview of the relationship between Anne Boonchuy and Sprig Plantar.
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"Of course we get along! We're Sprig and Anne!"
"Anne and Sprig!"
"Spranne against the world!"

Anne Boonchuy and Sprig Plantar

This is how Anne and Sprig think of each other. They became friends in "Anne or Beast?".

Sprig's opinion of Anne

At first, Sprig thought of Anne as a “beast”, but they later decide to be friends after she saved him from a giant red mantis. He sees her as an "Ugly, ugly, ugly hero!". Sprig cares very much for Anne and he always help her and accompanies her in the crazy shenanigans the two of them go on together.


Anne’s opinion of Sprig

In the promotional description, Sprig was depicted not only as Anne's best friend, but her first actual friend and sidekick, who accompanies her in all her crazy adventures. Although Anne enjoys Sprig's bouncy attitude towards things, she can take Sprig to be slightly annoying and over-dramatic, hyper or just crazy. Occasionally, she joins in with his behavior or helps him because of this behavior.

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