"Children of the Spore"
Anne of the Year


The gang attend the Frog of the Year ceremony which Anne was unaware of due to listening to her music. while the Plantars went off to vote for Frog of the Year. Mayor Toadstool announces the winner and is surprised to find that it is Anne. As she happily accepts the award to the approval of the townspeople, Toadstool criticizes Anne by claiming that she is not selfless. Anne challenges him by proclaiming that she will throw a party that is bigger than any other party that Wartwood has ever thrown as it's a tradition that the frog of the year throws a party for the citizens of Wartwood as is explained by Toadie. Back at home, Anne makes her plans for the party. She sets Hop Pop to be the comedian and make jokes on the front stage, Polly to be in charge of exclusivity by allowing people into the party and Sprig with finally expressing his love to Ivy in order to make the party feel complete.

Anne has everyone get to work with Loggle designing a statue and Stumpy catering. Polly begins using the party rope as a nunchaku, Hop Pop is having trouble with his written jokes and Sprig is nervous about talking to Ivy. When Toadstool proclaims that her party will be a disaster, Anne becomes frustrated and doubles down on everything telling Hop Pop to use improv and create jokes on the spot, Loggle to redesign the statue, Stumpy to create sashimi (which he abides with a live mudskipper) and soon starts to become a control freak in order to get things finished on time. The party finally starts with everything appearing in order, though Sprig still cannot talk to Ivy without freezing up. Eventually things get out of hand with Hop Pop giving up as his jokes weren't appreciated and the mudskipper getting loose and starting a fire, breaking decorations and the giant statue causing everyone to flee in terror. Anne watches as her party is ruined and takes it upon herself to save the citizens, using her ribbon to control the mudskipper and recruiting Mayor Toadstool and grabbing the citizens. Anne asks Toadstool to grab the chocolate fountain and they spray the fire using the fountain's hose, saving the town.

Afterwards, Anne apologizes for everything and Hop Pop reveals that they voted for Anne, not because she is flawless, but because she has grown as a person in Wartwood with Toadstool admitting that he too is impressed. Everyone returns to the party and play it out traditionally, scavenging what they could remain of the party. with Ivy going up to Sprig and confessing to him about wanting to go out with him. He happily accepts and they go out dancing. Anne watches them go and Toadie approaches Anne and tells her that "a friend" is waiting outside of town for her. She leaves the party and approaches the bridge where a mysterious hooded figure awaits her. The figure takes off her hood to reveal her to be Sasha, one of Anne's best friends who was transported alongside her to Amphibia. The two scream in delight and hug as Anne claims she thought she would never see her again. Sasha is overjoyed as well and tells Anne that she also brought along a few 'friends' of hers. Captain Grime and his toad army emerge from the darkness, with Grime greeting "Nice to finally meet you, Anne Boonchuy."

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