Anne or Beast?

"Best Fronds"
Shadow Anne

Late at night, a one-eyed frog named Wally walks out of Stumpy's Diner and greeting some Amphibians sitting nearby falls over some barrels before making his way down a road. As he plays his accordion and sings, he hears some bushes rustle, a twig crack and senses movement while a creature watches him. Feeling scared and turning back, he bumps into something with two wide eyes and screams as crows fly off in either direction.

The next day, people in the Wartwood Swamp are doing their typical work and regular business. Meanwhile, Hop Pop Plantar is in a cart with a snail riding to the town center. He talks about doing some shopping at the Grub & Go and asks Polly Plantar to watch the cart, but Sprig Plantar assumes he will be watching the cart saying he will defend the cart with his life due to him being older. Hop Pop says that he was talking to Polly, and gets into an argument with Sprig along with a series of flashbacks showing how Sprig was irresponsible including not turning off the lights resulting in giant Fireflies crashing into their house.

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Then Hop Pop commands Polly to make sure Sprig doesn’t get out of the cart and to watch over him while he enters a market shop. Wally arrives crashing through some brush and trees and announces that there's a monster in the woods. He then grabs some twigs and rocks to create a model of what he saw and states that it would eat everything. Mayor Toadstool then declares that the creature should be caught and dealt with as that was the 'right' thing to do for his citizens as everyone applauds for him. Sprig sees this as the perfect opportunity to make his grandfather think he was responsible, but Polly knows he can't overpower her, so instead Sprig distracts Polly with candy and runs off to hunt the "beast" as Polly yells "Don't die" after him as he enters the forest.
Sprig then wanders the forest, hiding in bushes and tree stumps and trying to find any trace of the mysterious beast. He finds some footprints and declares that the beast roams these parts. As he continues down a path he steps into a rope trap and gets hung by a tree as something erupts from the bushes right in front of him; a human girl named Anne Boonchuy. Sprig screams "The beast!" as Anne walks over to him and asks him to stop following her. She explains that she was trying to ask directions from Wally, but while she's talking, nearby trees begin to crash down as the real 'beast' approaches. Anne runs away but seeing Sprig trying to free himself arrives back and cuts him loose before grabbing him and hiding in a fallen log as the beast saunters off.
Sprig declares that Anne isn't a beast bu a very ugly friendly creature as the two introduce themselves to each other. Anne asks Sprig for something to eat "other than bugs" and Sprig leads her through the woods to find other types of food such as mushrooms
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Back at the town, the citizens want to hunt the “beast”. Hop Pop returns from his shopping and realizes that Polly was sick eating candy that and Sprig is gone. Polly says it wasn't her fault and explains that Sprig went off to try and hunt the beat down. Wally states that now Sprig would be good as eaten by now if he tried to find the beast to which Hop Pop yells "I'm coming Sprig!" while grabbing Polly and dashing into the forest. Shortly after the rest of the angry mob follow him as well led by Mayor Toadstool.
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Back in the forest with Anne and Sprig, Anne eats some twig-like roots and claims that it tastes pretty good. Sprig asks who and what she is and Anne answers that she’s a human being from another world. Sprig then asks how it happened, but Anne doesn’t know. Her goal now is to get home. After Anne says that’s her story, she asks Sprig why he is in the woods. He responds that he wants to prove to his family that he is responsible by hunting a beast down to which he awkwardly replies.
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Soon, the citizens find Anne and tie her up. Anne thought Sprig set everything up, but he states says that he didn't while Hop Pop congratulates Sprig on capturing the beast and says he maybe is responsible after all. Then an actual beast arrives in the form of a green praying mantis and the Amphibians deal with it quickly by commencing their 'mantis formation' and driving it off, but when a larger and more threatening one arrives, they scream in fear and scatter as the bigger mantis chases after them. Sprig unties Anne to let her run away while he distracts the monster with his slingshot. However, Anne decides to help Sprig and grabs the monster's arm just as it's about to crush him. She holds its arm while Sprig ties the beast up with some rope. He attempts to pull the rope but the monster is stronger and is about to pull itself free before Anne slides down and grabbing the other side of the rope, pulls hard enough to cause the creature to come crashing down. Everyone cheers but Mayor Toadstool decides that the best option would be to run the creature out of town just to be safe. Sprig then defends Anne stating she's a helpless creature and that they should look after her, to which Wally replies she'll probably wake up in the morning and eat everyone up. Hop Pop intervenes and agrees to look after Anne and tells Sprig that defending the creature was very responsible of him, but also quite dumb. Everyone heads home as frogs pulls the defeated monster behind them, one stating it would 'taste great in butter'.

Back at the Plantar Farm, Hop Pop shows Anne the basement where she'll be staying and Polly arrives with her rolling pin asking whether she should use "Old Doris" on her. As she leaves, Sprig appears at the door and drops some old stuffed toys for Anne, but quickly taking them back one by one saying he still needed them. He looks up and says he's happy she's staying with them before warning her of bed lice that can drain a body in seconds. Anne sits down on her mattress and pulls out the Calamity Box and closes her eyes before opening it, but to no avail as it doesn't transport her back to Earth. She tries it again a few times before sighing and claiming "She'll be here for a while".
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