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Speaker Dialogue

Dragonflies buzz.
Cuts to Stumpy's.
Wally Goodnight, you frogs! See you in the morrow.
Wally (Bumps into something making a barrel roll on screen.) Oi!
Frogs (Laughing at Wally)
Cuts to Wally walking and playing his accordion while humming.
Wally hears loud rustling caused by Anne Boonchuy.
Wally Hello?
Ominous wind blows.
Wally What's that?
A mysterious beast pops up from some bushes behind Wally.
Wally AAAH! No no no no! (Shot pans away from Wally.) NOOO!

Shot cuts to village inhabitants going about their daily lives.

A butcher Amphibian cuts a centipede looking creature which screeches.
A amphibian says woah in surprise as the front half of the centipede crawls up a house and crashes through the window
Amphibian Couple Both: Mmm...

Guy: (Gets carried off by a dragonfly.) Aaah!

Girl: Huh?

A few kid Amphibians laugh while playing.
A slug appears carrying a cart with Hop Pop, Sprig, and Polly Plantar in it while trying to eat a leaf on a fishing pole-like stick.
Hop Pop Plantar Ho. Ho.
Hop Pop (Turns around.) All right, kids I'm gonna do a little shoppin'. You watch the cart.
Sprig Plantar You got it, Hop Pop! I'll defend this cart with my LIIIIIIIFE! (says life while pounding chest)
Hop Pop Sprig, I was talking to Polly.
Sprig What? Polly's a baby!
Polly Plantar You're a baby! (says this while pointing at Sprig with her hand)
Hop Pop Polly's got more responsibility in her little flipper than you have in your entire body!
Sprig Ridiculous. What makes you think I'm irresponsible?
Hop Pop Oh gee. Let me think.
Flashback 1 A green liquid substance explodes out of a pot while Hop Pop's cutting veggies because Sprig put something in it.
Sprig Oops!
Flashback 2 Sprig crashes through the wall while Hop Pop is sleeping.
Sprig, Hop Pop & Cow-worm Screams.
Flashback 3 Showing outside of Plantar Farm.
Hop Pop Sprig, what did I tell you about leaving the lights on?
Giant fireflies start ramming the house.
Hop Pop, Sprig, and Polly Screaming.
Sprig Okay. So yesterday was a bad day.
Hop Pop Mm-hmm. (Hops off of cart while grunting.) Polly, make sure Sprig stays stays in the cart. (Goes inside the Grub & Go) Well, how do you do, Mrs. Jonkins?
Sprig Sighs. Wish there was a way to prove I'm not such a goof-up.
Wally (Runs out, screams & pants.) Monster! Th-there's a monster in the woods! I seen it! I seen it!
A bunch of villagers walk in including Mayor Toadstool.
Mayor Toadstool Now, simmer down Wally. Just tell us what you saw.
Wally Oh, it was horrifying. It had a huge head, A weird, stubby bump right in the middle of its face and long spindly limbs!
Toadie, Sadie Croaker, Mr. Flour, and Leopold Loggle Gasps.
Toadie Obscene!
Mayor Toadstool We better catch this beast before it hurts somebody. Because for Mayor Toadstool your safety comes first.
Villagers Applauding.
Wally Well, it's the responsible thing to do.
Villagers Repeats responsible a few times.
Sprig Polly, I just had a great idea. I am going to catch that beast and save the town.
Polly (Puts one of her flippers up.) Stop right there! Hop Pop said that you had to stay in this cart. (She flexes her muscles.) You know you can't take me!
Sprig (Grunts in frustration.) Oh, oh, Polly, look. (Grabs out candy from shirt.) Candy! (Blows raspberry and drops it.)
Polly Bribe accepted! (She eats some of the candy.)
Sprig Let the monster hunt begin! (He goes into the forest.)
Polly Don't die!

Cut to a landscape with mountains and dragonflies flying above.

Cut down to Sprig . He is running along in a forest. He pops out of a log and finds a bug in his hair. He eats it. He then readies a slingshot, then looks down and gasps.
Sprig Seems like the beast roams these parts. Probably a good place for a tra-aaAAAAHHH!
He is caught in a rope trap and flies into the air. He then falls back down. He's hanging upside down. He groans.
Sprig Hm?
Anne Boonchuy steps out from behind some bushes. She is panting and holding a pointed stick.
Anne Boonchuy Caught ya! Thought you got the best of ol' Anne, eh? Well, you didn't!
She keeps panting. Sprig gasps. Cut to the parts of Anne's body Sprig is mentioning.
Sprig Giant head! Spindly limbs! Face bump! THE BEEEEAASST!
Anne Stop following me.
Sprig I have bad news for you, beast! I taste terrible!
Anne Ew, I am not gonna eat you.
Sprig You tried to eat Wally!
Anne I tried to ask "Wally" (while doing finger quotes) for help. He ran off screaming the second he saw me!
Sprig That does sound like Wally...
A monster-sounding screech is heard. Trees start falling over.
Anne It's coming back!
Sprig What is?
Anne groans. She runs off.
Sprig Where you going?
The monster screeches again. Sprig flails about, screaming. He starts to gnaw on the rope to free himself. The monster screeches again. Sprig stops chewing the rope and screams. Anne frowns and cuts him free. She grabs him and starts running.
Sprig Whoop, here we go.

Anne and Sprig duck under a log. The monster- a giant red mantis- passes by. Sprig and Anne gasp and fall to the ground.

Sprig You... you saved me! You're not a beast at all! You're a hero! An ugly, ugly, ugly hero!
Anne Call me ugly again, and maybe I will eat you.
Sprig Ha. You're not gonna eat me. You got a name, stranger?
Anne My name's Anne. Anne Boonchuy.
Sprig I'm Sprig Plantar! Put 'er there!
He holds out his hand.
Anne Uhh... okay...
She shakes his hand. Her hand becomes covered in slime.
Anne So... your hand just barfed on my hand.
She rubs off the slime. Her stomach grumbles. She sighs.
Anne (stomach rumbles) Okay, "Sprig". You got anything to eat?
Sprig Sure do!
He lifts up a section of the log. Bugs are crawling around underneath.
Anne Things that aren't bugs...?
Sprig No bugs, eh? (he eats a bug.) We'll have to hunt around a bit. (he runs off.) C'mon! Follow me!
Anne How do I know I can trust you?
Sprig Whaaat? (he makes a cutesy face.) Does this look like a face that could deceive you?
Anne (laughs) Yeah, I guess not.
Sprig Well, then, c'mon! (he grabs her arm, startling her.) Chow time! (they run off together)
Hop Pop (Hums) Huh?
Mayor Toadstool & villagers Mayor Toadstool: Now, when I say "kill," you say "it." Kill!

Villagers: It!

Mayor Toadstool: Kill.

Villagers: It!

Hop Pop Heh. Another day, another mob. (He begins to look behind him) Come on kids, time to- What the?!?
Polly I don't have a candy problem! You have a candy problem!
Hop Pop Polly, where's Sprig?
Polly Uh... something-something monster, something-something woods.
Wally Oh, if your boy went into the woods, he's as good as eaten. That beast will devour everything in its path.
Hop Pop Not on my watch! (Picks up Polly) Hang in there boy! Hop Pop's a-comin'!
Villagers Yeah!
Wally Harvest the toenails for medicinal purposes!
Sprig (Dumps a bunch of food in front of Anne)
Anne (Picks up pink branch-like food and eats it) Hey, this is pretty good.
Sprig Mm-hmm. So, first question: What the heck are you, and where did you come from?
Anne I'm a human being and I come from...(Shouts) another world! (Stops Shouting) Either that, or this is a dream.
Sprig Woooow... do you know how you got here?
Anne Nope. One minute, I was in my world and the next thing I knew I was here. I don't know how to get home (sits on rock next to Sprig) or if I even can go home. So, Yup, that's my story. How 'bout you? What were you doing in the woods?
Sprig Proving that I'm responsible!
Anne Oh, yeah? How?
Sprig Uhhhhh...
Wally There they are!
Mayor Toadstool Here come our boys.
Anne What? Stay away from me! (Villagers tie her up and she screams)
Sprig No! You guys got it all wrong!
Hop Pop Ha-ha! You caught the monster! Sprig I'm impressed.
Anne Dude, what the heck? You set me up? I thought we were connecting!
Sprig N-no, no, no! This wasn't my plan.
Green Praying Mantis (Roars)
Villagers (Mixed gasps and screams)
Mayor Toadstool Hurry! Everyone! Mantis formation!
(Everyone gets into formation)
Blue VIllager Hyah!
Green Praying Mantis (Walks away & squeaks)
Hop Pop We scared it off!
Mayor Toadstool & villagers We have power!
Red Praying Mantis (Lands)
Polly Nope. that scared it off.
Hop Pop Yeah, that makes more sense.
Red Praying Mantis (Screeches and hits a bunch of villagers)
Villager It's gonna eat our guts!
Anne NO! Huh? (Sprig is untying her) What is this, another trick?
Sprig I'll distract that thing. You get out of here. (Runs and pants) (Anne gets up) (Shouts) Hey! (Sprig slingshots a rock at the Red Praying Mantis) Ha-ha! Oops. (Red Praying Mantis shrieks) Aaah!
Anne (Grabs the Red Praying Mantis' arm grunting) Do something! (Anne's eyes flash blue)
Sprig Oh, right! On it. Here we go. (Grabs rope) (Grunts while running around with rope) Round. Loop. (Tries and fails to tie up the monster)
Anne (Helps to completely tie up the monster)
Red Praying Mantis (Shrieks & dies)
Villagers (Gasps) Woo-hoo!
Mayor Toadstool It's down!
Anne & Sprig We did it!
Anne Up top! (Sprig high-fives Anne with his tongue) Oh, boy that's gross.
Mayor Toadstool Well, now that that's settled, what the heck are we gonna do with this thing? Maybe we oughta run it out of town just to be safe. Let it be someone else's problem.
Villagers (Starts to mob and shout)
Sprig (Blocks Anne from the Villagers) Stop right there! She's not a monster. She's just lost and needs out help. We should take care of her.
Mayor Toadstool Are you crazy?
Wally Yeah. What if it goes nutty tomorrow and starts eating people?
Anne Not gonna happen, buddy.
Hop Pop Don't worry yourselves silly. I'll keep an eye on 'em, both of 'em.
Mayor Toadstool Hmm. Have it your way, Hopadiah Plantar, but I don't like it. All right boys pack it in.
Villagers (Grumbling) Boo.

This thing tastes real good with butter

Sprig (holds his arm and looks at Hop Pop, expecting a scolding) Looks like I'm back to causing trouble for the family again, huh?
Hop Pop (Looks at Sprig, smiling) Trouble? Sprig, standing up to that angry mob to help this creature out was... Some of the bravest and most responsible stuff I've ever seen!
Polly (Atop Hop Pop's head) That was pretty cool, Sprig. It was also really dumb!
Hop Pop Yes. Really, really dumb.
Sprig (Gasps in amazement) You think I'm responsible?
Hop Pop tries to make Sprig understand he meant something else, while Spring enthuses and Anne checks her phone.
Hop Pop Well, yeah, I mean, just this one time...
Sprig Yes! Woo hoo!
Sprig starts to perform a victory dance.
Hop Pop (Continues) Well, don't get carried away...
Sprig Big win!
Anne Welp, this has been great, but just give me a map. I've gotta find my way out of this kooky place.
Hop Pop Oh, a map won't be enough. (Gets out map) This here valley is surrounded by mountains that are impenetrable this time of year.
Sprig (Looks at Anne) It should clear up in a couple of months.
Hop Pop & Polly Hop Pop: But until then, you try to cross those mountains-

Polly: You will die.

Anne Are you telling me I'm stuck here in this crazy place for two months? Where am I gonna stay?

Cuts to Plantar Farm

Hop Pop (Turns on light) All righty. Kitchen's upstairs. Breakfast at sunrise, sharp.
Anne Okay. Thanks, dude,
Sprig Hey! Gettin' comfy? (Tosses some plushies on ground) Brought some tosy to keep you company. I'm too old for these. O-oh, except for this one. Oh, and this one. Oops. this one too. Sorry. This one as well. I'm glad your livin' with us, monster.
Anne Yeah, Me too, weird little frog boy.
Sprig Okay. (Starts climbing) Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. Seriously, they can drain a body in seconds.
Anne Ew! (Takes out Magic Chest and blows on it) Come on, come on! (Opens it to no avail. Then closes and opens it 3 times more and sighs) Looks like I'm gonna be here for a while.
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