Barry is a fruit and candy vendor in Wartwood Swamp. He often recklessly uses witchcraft, and is an enemy of Maddie Flour.


Barry is a tall plump blue frog in a purple suit and a brown top hat. He has a lighter blue chin and pink spots on his cheek. He also wears a yellow bow tie, and he has orange puffy hair. He is usually seen carrying a brown striped cane with him


On the surface, Barry is simply a typical nice guy you would stumble upon. Nonetheless, he hides his true petty and unforgiving nature with his facade of niceness, which he blatantly admits. He also shows no remorse when he curses his victims or abuses his curse powers.

Memorable Quotes

Oh shucks kids, don't worry about it! Nothing gets Barry down

Have a berry good day!

I played it cool, because my image is half of my business

I may look nice, but I'm petty and vengeful on the inside

Not only am I petty, but also very unforgiving



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Behind the Scenes


  • His clothing resembles Willie Wonka, specifically the Gene Wilder version.

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