"Anne or Beast?"
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"Cane Crazy"

Inside of a Thrift shop, Anne is seen looking at a particular box on top of a shelf. While the cashier lady is sleeping, Anne steals the box by slipping it into her backpack and walks out the stop to regroup with her friends Sasha and Marcy. Later that night, the three move to a nearby park with no one else in sight to investigate the box. Once Anne opens the box, a large spark of light can be seen coming out of it.

Anne then wakes up screaming, believing her time within Amphibia to have all been a dream. But she is interrupted when she sees Sprig, Hop Pop and Polly standing right in front of her, as they still continue to have trust issues with Anne as being a beast. With Hop Pop and Polly having left the room, Sprig explains to Anne about how exciting it must be to enter a new world. However, Anne states that she misses her own home, belongings and friends in her world, and how lost she began to feel without them.


This encourages Sprig to offer Anne to be his friend for the time being, as well as taking a trip to the nearby lake to make her feel less homesick, to which Anne happily agrees. Once dressed up for swimming, Anne and Sprig were about to leave the house, but Hop Pop halts them before they can get to the door. Hop Pop explains how the other frogs in the village are still not used to Anne's presence, so he orders them both to stay at the house until further notice due to everyone being paranoid about her.

To pass the time, Sprig suggests they try out some of Hop Pop's pain peppers, said to be so hot that you'd wish you were dead. Once Sprig finished cooling his mouth after having licked one of the peppers, Anne instead rejects trying one of the peppers and suggests they stick with the original plan and go to the lake by helping her steal the keys to the house from Hop Pop. Although Sprig was originally conflicted about disobeying Hop Pop's orders, Anne explains to him that a real friend will help you get the things you want, with Sprig then agreeing to go along with the plan.

Sprig and Anne then sneak into Hop Pop's Study room, only to realize he not only fell asleep, but was sleeping with his eyes open. Having taken the key from Hop Pop's coat pocket, Anne and Sprig proceed to the lake. Along the way, Anne takes a photo with Sprig using her phone, and also questions Sprig about whether or not he himself had any friends before he met her. The scene then cuts to a flashback of Sprig having played with a skeleton in front of the other kids horrifying them, with Sprig then replying to Anne that other kids in the village don't really get him.


Once Anne and Sprig enter the lake area, they immediately notice a "don't swim" sign in front of the lake, with Sprig claiming it was no sign since his most recent visit. Nevertheless, Anne decides to ignore the warning, but Sprig attempts to stop her from going in, believing something wasn't right and they should instead return home. But Anne retaliates believing this wasn't what friends do, and explains to Sprig that no matter how much you don't want to do something your friends ask you to do, you do it anyway, otherwise they may not want you to stay as their friend.

This eventually leads to Sprig diving into the lake with Anne joining in, and the two enjoy themselves around the lake. But as Anne was taking a photo of Sprig flexing in the water, she notices a giant lake monster resembling a snake right behind him, and the two begin to swim away from the monster. having momentarily taken cover from the monster on a lily pad, Anne suggests to Sprig that he goes without her, believing him to not only be a better swimmer but that it was her fault in the first place for having put one another in danger of the lake monster.

Water Snake

Even so, Sprig refuses to leave her side, believing the two of them were in the situation together. With the lake monster trapping them with its stretched body as it closes in on them, Sprig then hops on top of Anne's head and orders her to duck on the count of three. Once Sprig hops into the air, the lake monster ends up eating Sprig, angering Anne and proceeding to attack the lake monster. During her attack, the lake monster then spits Sprig out as it was then blowing flames out of its mouth because of the pain peppers Sprig placed in it while he was still inside the monster. With the lake monster eventually regaining consciousness, Anne and Sprig decide to flee from the lake and return home.

later that night, Hop Pop eventually wakes up from his nap and immediately notices the key from his coat pocket having gone missing. After noticing that the front door was still locked, he goes to check the basement and notices Anne and Sprig playing a board game together, with Anne giving Hop Pop the key back and claiming he must have dropped it on the floor earlier when he wasn't looking. After one more brief confrontation with Polly, she and Hop Pop leave the basement as Anne then closed the door for her and Sprig to breathe a sigh of relief.

Anne then apologizes to Sprig for having almost gotten one another killed, but Sprig instead reveals it was the most exciting event that's ever happened to him, to which he then falls asleep from exhilaration. Anne then places Sprig on her bed to let him sleep, while also staring at the group photo of her with her friends Marcy and Sasha. She hoped the two of them were doing okay, as she claimed that she was after having found both a home and a new friend.

Meanwhile, during the stormy night in the Toad Tower, a toad is seen in front of a cell room and shows Sasha, currently in a battered cell, a lost shoe belonging to Anne that was found far from the castle in the south forest. This leads him to believe that not only was she lying to him, but that there is more of her kind still out there somewhere in Amphibia.

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