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Old Man: [picks up shirt] Ah, this is a good shirt.
Anne: All right, Anne. You can do this.
Saleswoman: [snoring]
[She takes a magical box, puts it in her bag, and one of her friends gives a thumbs up]
[Muzak playing on speakers]
[At night it goes into the moon, and goes down to Anne and her friends. Suddenly, it goes into the first 2 seconds of the intro. Anne wakes up on the same room from the ending of the previous segment]
Anne: [screams, gasps] Guys, guys, guys. I just had the craziest dream. I was trapped in a world of frog pe-- Oh.
Hop Pop: [croaks]
Anne: Right.
Sprig: Hey, Anne. Sleep good?
Hop Pop: Careful, boy! It could be hungry.
Polly: For your guts!
Anne: Dude, relax. I am not gonna eat something that clearly doesn't bathe.
[flies buzzing]
Hop Pop: Fair point.
Sprig: See? Told you it was harmless.
Hop Pop: Hmph. For now.
Polly: Just give me an excuse to use old Doris here.
Anne: I think the little one wants to kill me.
Sprig: Yup. So, you must be so excited to be trapped in another world. Very jealous. Oh!
Anne: [chuckles] It's not all that. I miss my home and my stuff and especially... my friends. Without them, I just feel kind of lost. You know?
Sprig: Well, then, why don't I be your friend in the meantime?
Anne: You?
Sprig: Me!
Anne: You.
Sprig: Come on. It'll be fun! What did you do together?
Anne: Everything. Marathon dumb TV shows, drink boba till we vomited, hung out at the beach.
Sprig: Oh, we've got a lake. Would going there with me make you feel less homesick?
Anne: Hmm.
Sprig: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Is gon' be great.
Anne: [giggling] I like your moxie, frog child. Let's do it!

Sprig: You ready to go?
Anne: Yeah-ah!
Together: Hey, hey, hey!

Hop Pop: And where do you two think you're going?
Sprig: We're going to the lake. Ooh. Ow.
Anne: Why? You want in? You wanna come?
Hop Pop: Absolutely not! Look, Anne. You're a new, unsettling, strange, bizarre, gangly, horrifying--
Anne: Thanks. I got it.
Hop Pop: Point is, the frogs in this town can be pretty small-minded.
Frog: Oh, hey, Hopediah.
Hop Pop: And paranoid. We just need to give 'em time to get used to ya. I think it's best you stay put.
Anne: But--
Hop Pop: No buts. Now I'm gonna go into my study to get a little reading done.
Sprig: Uh, Hop Pop.
Hop Pop: Don't do anything stupid!
Anne: Ugh! Adults are all the same. Curfews. Rules. Old.
Sprig: Yeah, looks like we're stuck here. Ooh! I know what'll be fun. Let's try some of Hop Pop's pain peppers. So hot, they'll make you wish you were dead. [humming] [screaming] Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! [gurgling] Someone just kill me, please! Bleh. Your turn.
Anne: No, thanks. I'd rather go to the lake.
Sprig: Ahh-- What? But Hop Pop said, uh--
Anne: Sprig, you wanna know the best thing about friendship? When you got your friend by your side, anything is possible. Whatever you want, a real friend will help you get. And you know what I want?
Sprig: The lake!
Anne: Yup. Now let's go rob an old man!
Sprig: Ew.
Anne: Yeah, that didn't sound as cool as I wanted it to.

Anne: Any ideas?
Sprig: Ooh! What if we use fishing line to lower me from the ceiling? Then I grab the key right out of Hop Pop's pocket. I'll move like a shadow.
Anne: [gasps]
Sprig: Shadows knock things over sometimes.
Anne: Do you hear that?
Hop Pop: [snoring]
Anne: No way. This might be the creepiest thing I've ever seen.
Sprig: Happens all the time. He makes a great scarecrow.
Anne: [sniffs] Know what this smells like?
Sprig: [inhales, blubbering] A key that's been in an old man's pocket?
Anne: Freedom!
Sprig: That was my next guess!

Anne: [sighs] This is great. Two pals beatin' the odds to have some fun. Here. Smile! Whoa. Hey, that turned out great.
Sprig: I don't know what's crazier, that you just stole my soul in a tiny box, or that we look so incredible. I gotta say, this friend business is amazing!
Anne: Didn't you have friends before I showed up?
Sprig: Uh...

Little frog: Your turn.
Sprig: Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys! Check this out! Aaah!
[both screaming]
Sprig: Aaah! Help! It's eating me alive!
Sprig: Ha-ha! I'm just kidding, guys. Aaah! Aaah!

Sprig: Kids around here don't really get me.
Anne: Well, hey, they are missin' out. Come on.
Sprig: So, is punching part of friendship?
Anne: Absolutely.

Sprig: We made it.
Anne: Whoa. It's beautiful. You ready, dude? Yeah! Whoa-ho!
Sprig: Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
Anne: Oh.
Sprig: Oh. This was not here last week.
Anne: Huh. Hmm. I know exactly what's going on here. Some jerk just wants this beautiful lake all to themselves. Well, forget that.
Sprig: Ah, I don't know, Anne. Whoever wrote this wrote it in a hurry, like they were scared to be here.
Anne: Or maybe they just had bad handwriting. Come on. Don't be a buzzkill. Ooh, that's nice. Hey, what are you doing?
Sprig: Something's not right here. Let's just go back.
Anne: Ugh, I thought you were trying to be my friend.
Sprig: I am.
Anne: Well, this is what friends do. Remember? They help each other get the things they want.
Sprig: Huh?
Anne: Look, if a friend likes a pencil case, you get it for them. If your friend likes your new shoes, you give them to her. And if a friend wants you to steal a crazy music box from a thrift store, even if you don't really want to, you do it, okay? Because if you don't, they might not want to be your friend anymore.
Sprig: Fine.
Anne: Fine.
Sprig: [panting] Whoo-hoo!
Anne: Ah, yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about! Cannonball!
[both laughing]
[water skipper whinnying]
Anne: Whoo-hoo!
Sprig: Yeah!
Anne: Uh...
Sprig: I was blinking, wasn't I?
Anne: Stupid non-webbed human hands.
Sprig: Anne! [grunts] Ah. That explains the sign.
Anne: Sprig, I'm just slowing you down, buddy. Get out of here. This was my fault anyway. I should have listened to you.
Sprig: Friend punch!
Anne: Ow! Hey.
Sprig: Never! I'm not about to let my first real friend get eaten. We're in this together.
Anne: Uh, any ideas? Ah! What are you doing?
Sprig: I have a plan. Stand up!
Anne: Uh, okay.
Sprig: When I count to three, duck.
Anne: What? Are you crazy?
Sprig: Just trust me. All right. One, two... three!
Anne: Sprig! Vengeance! Take this and this! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, whoa! Whoa! [gasps]
[Sprig screaming]
Anne: You're alive. What did you do?
Sprig: So hot, they'll make you wish you were dead.
Anne: You little genius, you.
Sprig: And it looks like he couldn't take the heat.
[both laughing]
Anne: Run!
Sprig: Death approaches!

Hop Pop: [sighs, mumbles] [gasps] I'm up! I'm awake! The key. It's gone! Oh, no. Did they get out? Is the town rioting? Are they dead? Has Anne eaten the kids, the whole town? [panting] What's this now? It's still locked.
[dice rattling]
Anne: Come on. Mama needs a new pair of shoes. Seriously though, I do need new shoes.
Hop Pop: You guys been here all day, huh?
Anne: Yeah, dude. I'm on a winning streak.
Sprig: I owe her my first-born child.
Anne: Oh, by the way, Hop Pop. We found this on the floor. You must have dropped it.
Hop Pop: Dang shallow pockets. Well, you get what you pay for.
Polly: Aha!
Anne: 'Sup, Polly?
Polly: You're not gonna eat us, are you? You're not even gonna try. Dis... appointing.
[sighs dramatically]
Anne: Hey, sorry I almost got us killed today.
Sprig: Are you kidding? That was the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me! My heart was beating faster than a dragonfly on a sugar rush. In fact, I'm feeling a little... sleepy. [snoring] [croaking]
Anne: Sasha, Marcy, I hope you guys are okay, because I am.

Captain Grime Take a look at this please, Sasha. It was found far from here, in the South Forest. Now we know that you've been lying to us. Now we know that there are more of you.

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