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|storyboardist = [[Aaron Austin]]<br>
|storyboardist = [[Aaron Austin]]<br>
[[Hannah Ayoubi]]
[[Hannah Ayoubi]]
|internationalairDate = June 22, 2019 (Canada)<br>July 6, 2019 (UK and Ireland)<br>August 2, 2019 (Japan)<ref></ref><br>
|internationalairDate = [[File:Flag of Canada.png|20px]] June 22, 2019<br>
August 3, 2019 (Latin America; Disney XD)<br>
[[File:Flag of United Kingdom.png|20px]] July 6, 2019<br>
August 11, 2019 (India)<br>
[[File:Flag of Japan.png|20px]] August 2, 2019<ref></ref><br>
August 18, 2019 (Australia and New Zealand)<br>
[[File:Globe of Latin America.png|20px]] August 3, 2019 (Disney XD)<br>
September 2, 2019 (Netherlands)<br>
[[File:Flag of India.png|20px]] August 11, 2019<br>
[[File:Flag of Australia.png|20px]] [[File:Flag of New Zealand.png|20px]] August 18, 2019<br>
[[File:Flag of Netherlands.png|20px]] September 2, 2019<br>
[[File:Globe of Southeast Asia.png|20px]] September 9, 2019<ref></ref><br>
[[File:Globe of Southeast Asia.png|20px]] September 9, 2019<ref></ref><br>
September 18, 2019 (South Korea)<br>
[[File:Flag of South Korea.png|20px]] September 18, 2019 (South Korea)<br>
October 5, 2019 (Italy)<br>
[[File:Flag of Italy.png|20px]] October 5, 2019<br>
October 14, 2019 (Russia)<br>
[[File:Flag of Russia.png|20px]] October 14, 2019<br>
October 21, 2019 (France, Belgium, Middle East and North Africa, Greece)<br>
[[File:Flag of France.png|20px]] [[File:Flag of Belgium.png|20px]] [[File:Globe of Middle East and North Africa .png|20px]] October 21, 2019<br>
December 2, 2019 (Latin America; Disney Channel)<br>
[[File:Globe of Latin America.png|20px]] December 2, 2019 (Disney Channel)<br>
December 9, 2019 (Bulgaria, Romania)}}
[[File:Flag of Bulgaria.png|20px]] [[File:Flag of Romania.png|20px]] December 9, 2019}}
'''"Best Fronds"''' is the second segment of the first episode of the [[Season 1|first season]] of [[Amphibia (series)|''Amphibia'']], and the second episode overall.
'''"Best Fronds"''' is the second segment of the first episode of the [[Season 1|first season]] of [[Amphibia (series)|''Amphibia'']], and the second episode overall.
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|Good Ferns
|Good Ferns
|[[File:Flag of Vietnam.png|20px]] Vietnamese
|''Bạn Thân Nhất''
|''Bạn Thân Nhất''
|Best friend first
|Best friend first

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"Best Fronds" is the second segment of the first episode of the first season of Amphibia, and the second episode overall.

It first premiered online on June 14, 2019 on DisneyNOW and YouTube and premiered on Disney Channel on June 17, 2019 alongside "Anne or Beast?".[3]


Sprig takes Anne swimming in a nearby lake to help her feel less homesick.[3]


For a full plot of "Best Fronds", click here.


For a full transcript of "Best Fronds", click here.


Main Cast

Additional Voices

Sasha, Marcy, the Thrift Stop cash register, and most of the Amphibians all have no lines in the episode. The male human who bought at the store’s voice isn’t credited.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese はじめてのともだち Best Fronds
Dutch Beste Vrikkers
Spanish (Latin America) Mejores Helechos Good Ferns
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Bạn Thân Nhất Best friend first
Korean 우리는 친구 We are friends

Comme les deux doigts de la palme

Russian Испытание дружбой ?

Production Information 

  • This alongside "Anne or Beast?" are not the first episodes produced in production order.


  • This episode is an adjusted version of Amphibia’s original pilot.[4]
  • This episode is the first episode for Anne to appear as wearing a swimming suit.

Revelations and Continuity


  • In the Southeast Asia broadcast, the word "jerk" and "dang" was cut out.


  • "Best Friends" - The title "Best Fronds" is a play on the aforementioned phrase.
  • "The Wizard of Oz" - The famous quote "There's No Place Like Home" appears engraved on a decoration next to the cash register.
  • "Sega Dreamcast" - The console appears, alongside its controller, the VMU, and the games, Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi in a glass container in the cash register's desk.


  • In the flashback, before Anne opens the Calamity Box, Sasha is seen without her jacket, but it appears after Anne opens the box.


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