"Family Fishing Trip"
Bizarre Bazaar



After coming back from the Archives, Anne and the Plantars are stopped by small creatures who are exiting a small tree. Sprig digs inside and spots a small egg that he identifies as an entrance key to the Bizarre Bazaar, a nightly market that appears and disappears annually. Anne becomes convinced that the Bizarre Bazaar might hold the answers to the Calamity Box. However, Hop Pop discourages them from going as the Bizarre Bazaar is known for being covered with seedy individuals who steal things. Nevertheless, Anne and Sprig sneak out at night. The egg cracks and a small creature escapes and runs into the woods where it burrows into the ground and lights a pathway for Anne and Sprig into the Bizarre Bazaar.

The two of them explore their surroundings until they find a antiques stand that has artifacts similar to the Calamity Box. The owner, Valeriana, is out to lunch, so they eat first. Soon after Valeriana arrives and Anne attempts to ask her questions while Valeriana showcases them various artifacts and objects she had obtained from her years of travel and her parrot, named Liander. Anne asks her if she had seen anything like her before to which she comments "not exactly, but as Anne reaches down to grab the Calamity Box from her backpack it gets stolen by a thief. As she and Sprig race after him, Valeriana comments that Anne might be the "one she is looking for" before her parrot, Liander starts choking on the carpet much to Valeriana's annoyance. Anne and Sprig catch up to the thief, another vendor named Marnie, who refuses to acknowledge the backpack as being Anne's. He tells them that in order to win, they need to join his cockroach cart racing game and they accept.

Joining them in the race, is the Wrecker a legendary figure who is grizzled and intimidating and had never lost a race. They race around the field and Anne and Sprig take the lead after Sprig tongues him and catapults them in front of the Wrecker, but ultimately, the Wrecker wins after using a Mario-style blue shell on them which causes their cock road cart to explode. As the Wrecker takes the backpack, the Bizarre Bazaar closes and all the vendors and tents disappear for the night. Sad and defeated, Anne and Sprig are surprised by the Wrecker, who removes his disguise to reveal himself as Hop Pop. The kids apologize for not listening to him and Anne gives him the Calamity Box for safe keeping. Later that night, while everyone's asleep, Hop Pop leaves the house and buries the Calamity Box outside, claiming this was the only safe way to keep it.


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