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The Bizarre Bazaar is a night market in The Valley, Amphibia, based in an unknown location outside of Wartwood. It's based on cultural Asian night markets, similar to those that can be found in Taiwan or Thailand.

Several artifacts, like pottery, ancient calendars and clocks, beads, metals, minerals, plants, some creatures, and other strange objects are sold, including many odd foods. It also has games and other activities for participants.

The Bizarre Bazaar occurs only once a year, and there's an hourglass which shows the time left until the bazaar is to be officially closed.


The Bizarre Bazaar is like a typical cultural Asian market, with many vendors and stalls selling strange objects and food of various kind. There are also orange, glowing flower shaped lamps hung across the bazaar's interior.


  • The Bizarre Bazaar is also full of thieves and rogues who pick-pocket and steal from visitors, one being the stall vendor, Marnie.
  • Anne consequently loses her backpack containing the Calamity Box when it's stolen by one of the vendors, forcing Anne and Sprig to partake in a kart style game in order to win it.
  • The Bizarre Bazaar's only form of staff are mysterious robed amphibians which make sure the rules are being followed in the bazaar. Some rules include no refunds, and anything on the prize wall being owned by the vendor, regardless of how it was acquired such as from stealing.
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