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Boulder-tron is an imaginary golem created by Polly, making it's debut in the episode "Stakeout".


Boulder-Tron acquires a very bulky and large torso, with limbs protruding from either side side of his body. His arms are abnormally broad and reach the ground hanging on either side of him. His legs are quite the opposite, being especially small and narrow. His eyes and mouth are crudely carved from the rock and glow with a pink haze from within. He possesses wide eyebrows made from slabs of a darker-toned rock and there are patches of mud prominent right through his body. There is also a single green plant growing on top of his head.


  • It is revealed that Bouler-Tron is a figment of Polly's imagination and can only be seen when she consumes Anne's energy drink, Blam Berry Blitz.
  • Boulder-Tron considerably resembles the Golem from the Clash of Clans video game. Both acquiring pink glowing eyes and similar body features.
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