"Best Fronds"
Cane Crazy

"Flood, Sweat & Tears"
Cane Crazy10

While being served dinner by Hop Pop, Anne decides to pass as the food prepared by Hop Pop seemed nasty and gruesome. Hop Pop jokes, stating the food wasn't good enough for the "princess" to which Anne replies with a comeback and roasts Hop Pop. He becomes frustrated and angry at Anne and goes off to take a nap stating if this keeps up then one day he'll "throw her out" before slamming the door. Anne then impersonates Hop Pop, much to Polly's and Sprig's amusement but then she takes it too far when she accidentally breaks Hop Pop's favorite cane. Anne is confused by Sprig and Polly's horrified expressions and says it's just a cane. Sprig tells Anne how this special cane had been in the family for centuries passed down from his grandparent to his father and then to Hop Pop. Anne requests Sprig and Polly's help to which Sprig agrees but Polly takes down the offer claiming she barely knew Anne, before Anne bribes her with candy "from another world" which causes Polly to assist her as well.

Cane Crazy54

She, along with Sprig and Polly first try and repair it using the "slop" Hop Pop made as glue and tying it up with Polly's bow, but it didn't work out. They then visit the town's wood-smith, Leopold Loggle, so he can fix it. After telling them he can't, Loggle tells them that the cane comes from the extremely dangerous Doom Tree and shows them a map to it, of which Anne takes a photo of. Anne, Sprig and Polly find the tree after travelling through a dense jungle and break a branch from it, but then to find out that it's actually a giant walking stick insect rather than a tree. After a chase back through the jungle, they arrive back at Leopold's shop and lock the door behind them, which the stick insect easily manages to rip open along with the wall itself. After a brief fight with Polly and Anne using wooden limbs as weapons and Sprig using sandpaper, Anne finds a jar of termites and launches it at the stick insect, causing the wood to disappear and revealing a thin, green alien-like creature which quickly leaves the shop.

Cane Crazy93

They celebrate only to have the cane taken by Leopold, who states that this wouldn't even begin to cover the damages to his shop. Sprig then gives him his beloved click-pen, which Leopold finds fascinating and decides to let them go. Returning back home to a just woken Hop Pop, Anne gives Hop Pop back his cane and makes her way to the door, causing Sprig and Polly to cry. Hop Pop then states that he was just bluffing about letting Anne go and just wanted to see more respect from her. Anne rejoices and drops her bag on the floor, but Hop Pop says that Anne must be on dish-duty for a month to which Anne agrees. After that's settled, Hop Pop reads out a list of comebacks he made while they were gone, to which no one laughs.

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