... Fail and nothing will ever be the same.

—Captain Grime, "Reunion"

Captain Grime is a villainous one-eyed toad who was the ruler of Toad Tower and the main antagonist of the first season of Amphibia. He is also the former leader of the Toad Army.


Captain Grime is a large green toad, with a more terrifying appearance compared to any other of his toad soldiers. His left eye features a slit, glowing yellow-green light while his right one is injured with a pink scar leading down to his lower jaw and he also possesses sharp, yellow teeth. He wears brown metal amour with a dark, purplish cape. He has a very large and muscular build and also wears leather shoulder padding and brown boots. 

Since the second season, Grime sports a gray beard with a line in the middle, and subtle facial hair.


Grime is a character who feels he must always be respected with his discipline among his crew of knights, and before Sasha told him that his army would respect and listen to him better if he were nicer, he was very rude and disrespectful to his army. He was likely this way because he expected them all to toughen up from his downplayed words, but it only ended up making the other toads feel weaker and worse off. Since then, he has been very respectful to his toads and continues to honor their loyalty to him, and in return, they strictly begin to follow his commands.

His frustration can still be shown at times after having become aware of the conflict and rebellion proceeding throughout Amphibia, with many villages beginning to rise up to the toads and refusing to pay up during their monthly tax collecting trips. But his confidence in restoring order has continued to lift as not only have his fellow toads' spirits brightened up, but he believes with someone as ruthless as Sasha by his side, he can succeed in his mission.

Though he has his bad side, he still respects those who aid him. He holds Sasha highly since she saved him from a heron, and even saved Sasha as she was falling from the crumbling Toad Tower even though he was risking his own life, and was clearly furious at the Plantars when she appeared injured.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Santiago Maurig
Flag of Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Mauro Castro
Flag of Spain Spanish Gonzalo Failde
Flag of Indonesia Indonesian Juni Faif
Flag of Malaysia Malay Shazali Shamsudinq
Flag of Thailand Thai Phichapop Pattarakulniyom (พิชาภพ ภัทรกูลนิยม)

Behind the Scenes

Early Development

In Amphibiland, Grime's scared eye pupil originally had an outline highlight it. His other eye was also more orange than yellow. The texture on his clothes was also much more simplistic. His voice was also much deeper as well.

Name and Basis

The word Grime means 'dirt, soot, or other filthy matter, especially adhering to or embedded in a surface'.

Grime's appearance; particularly his body shape and his oddly clawed hands, looks extremely similar to Mayor Toadstool, which may allude to him being a toad too.


Grime is voiced by Troy Baker. He speaks in a British accent.


Grime first made a cameo in "Best Fronds".



  • It is unknown if having one of his eyes injured is an advantage or disadvantage.
    • It is also unknown how his right eye got injured.
  • "Toadcatcher" revealed that he enjoys binge-watching Suspicion Island on Sasha's Phone and prefers watching it first over other important things.


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