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The Carnivorous Tomato Plant is a tomato plant located in northern Amphibia. It is classified as a hostile plant. It first appears in the episode "Hop Luck", in which Anne, Sprig, Polly, and Hop Pop search for tomatoes in order to make pizza for the annual "Hop Luck" event in town.


The carnivorous tomato plant resembles a Venus-flytrap like plant with three heads atop long red stems joined at the base of the plant, where bunches of tomato are located. Each head possess a large mouth and rows of sharp, white teeth and a green flower-like stalk. Their stomach appears to be conjoined and their nourishment shared between one another. They also have hidden elongated red tendrils which are used to reach and grab prey that are out of their reach. The plant's weak point is its throat, which can be eaten raw and once damaged causes the plant to die promptly.


The plant is highly aggressive and protective of the tomatoes located at its base. It will attack anything that comes close enough and uses its tendrils to grab distant prey to drop in its mouth.


  • The plant also clearly resembles the "Chomper" from the "Plants Vs Zombies" franchise as they both have rounded heads with the absence of any sort of eyes. They are also carnivorous plants.
  • Hop Pop claims that the reason tomatoes aren't sold in Wartwood was due to the danger one faced from harvesting them from the plant.
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