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Cattail Catastrophe is the fifth and final short of Teen Girl in a Frog World that was released on October 1, 2019.



Anne and Sprig use a cattail to get across a huge gap!


(Anne playfully chases Sprig as he jumps to the gap and Anne stops herself before she was about to fall)

  • Anne: Whoa. Dude, I don’t think I can make it across the gap.
  • Sprig: I’ve got an idea.

(Dramatic music background plays as Sprig jumps against the cattail and pulls it to the ground)

  • Sprig: Get on this cattail and I’ll fling you across.
  • Anne: Woo!
  • Sprig: Actually, this seems very dangerous.
  • Anne: (touch sprig forehead) Sprig. Fling me, bud.
  • Sprig: Ok. (He's fling Anne too high) I can’t believe she’s gone. And having fun without me! (he flingds himself very high as well)
  • Anne: (she sees Sprig floating next to her) Oh, cool, dude. You got up.


  • Anne: Ooh, Sprig buddy. We’re up high.
  • Sprig: Sure are. Hey! I can see my house from here, and Mrs. Croaker's house, and Soggy Joe's house, Ivy's house, my house. Did I mention that?
  • Anne: Yep. You can see all the houses, Sprig. Man, this is kind of relaxing. Whoop, there’s the ground. Whoop, there’s the ground.
  • Sprig: Tuck and roll, Anne.
  • Anne: Like and subscribe, everyone!


  • This is the final short of Teen Girl of a Frog world.


  • During the Endtag, "Mrs. Croaker" was transcripted as "Mrs. Kroger" in closed captions.
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