"Combat Camp"
Children of the Spore

"Anne of the Year"

The episode begins with Hop Pop completing the final touch-ups to a replica of a battle-ship (named The Green Lady), in hopes of preserving it. As Anne, Sprig, and Polly begin playing "tongue tag" inside the house, their roughhousing damages it, causing an upset Hop Pop to visit Loggle's workshop for tools to repair it. While there he meets a hooded frog by the name of Apothecary Gary, a salesman who offers him a potion which he claims will make the kids behave instantly. Hop Pop is skeptical, but before he can say anymore Gary mysteriously disappears.

Outside the shop, Sprig, Anne, and Polly apologize for breaking the battle-ship replica earlier and promise to be on their best behavior. However, once they arrive home the kids immediately begin roughhousing once again, breaking their promise and damaging Hop Pop's ship for the second time. As it reaches nighttime and Sprig, Polly, and Anne are asleep, Hop Pop smears the potion on their foreheads, but still doubts that the potion will work.

The next morning, Hop Pop calls the kids down for breakfast, which they appear at the dining table right away. As a result of the potion, the kids exhibit robotic behavior, monotone voices, a constant smile, and the ability to follow any command in record time. After the kids are ordered to sit and be quiet, Hop Pop finally works on the battle-ship replica. But he is soon uneasy about the kids' unsettling behavior, thus sending them outside to play. Hours later, night has fallen and Hop Pop is very close to finishing the battleship, but still holds a feeling of suspicion about the potion. The effects of the elixir also begin to wear off of Anne, Polly, and Sprig. As their behavior immediately starts to get out of hand, Hop Pop quickly orders them to bed. Swearing that this will be the final time of usage, Hop Pop puts another dose of the potion on the kids once they have gone to sleep.

Portrait Apothecary Gary

Moments later, Anne, Polly, and Sprig awaken and have undergone a zombie-like transformation, gaining glowing purple eyes and mushrooms sprouting from their heads. As Hop Pop becomes aware of the situation, he is greeted by Apothecary Gary outside, who explains that the potion he had given Hop Pop before consists of mind-controlling spores. Gary then reveals that he is actually a sentient mushroom with the ability to control the mind of a host and plans to take over all of Amphibia. Various mind-controlled townsfolk soon begin to emerge from the bushes, prompting Hop Pop to barricade the door, but to no avail.

Taking the battle-ship with him, Hop Pop flees to Bessie's barn but he is shortly cornered as the infected citizens catch up to him. Just before he can be brainwashed, Hop Pop tosses the battle-ship towards Bessie's locked stable, ultimately sacrificing it. As she is called out for "snack time", Bessie swiftly eats every mushroom off of the infected, and Hop Pop engages in combat with Gary. Before his demise, Gary begs for mercy and claims destroying him will make his kind go extinct, but his pleas are fruitless. The citizens and Gary's host (who's actual name is Lloyd) regain consciousness and return home. Hop Pop apologizes to the kids for using mind control on them and the kids apologize for not listening to him, promising to listen to him more often.

In the final scene, Jeremy is shown consuming some of the potions that had spilled earlier and becomes infected.

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