"Anne Vs. Wild"

"Family Shrub"

To get out of working during a severe thunderstorm, Anne fakes getting sick. But when the rest of the family comes back from working at the farm they really do become sick and face various symptoms such as puffy eyes and elongated tongues. Feeling guilty, Anne decides to take care of them while pretending to be sick as well. The Plantar's then start to develop an disease called Red Leg, which is known to be extremely deadly and turns the infected slowly red. Finding that there is a pond called "The Peak of Health" that can heal them, Anne decides to takes the Plantar's there on Bessie, their snail.

Shortly after reaching the entrance of the Peak of Health, Bessie decides to stop moving, forcing Anne to carry the Plantars the rest of the way on the cart. After climbing a steep trail and jumping over hot geysers, they reach the final pathway to the peak, to find out that they were jumping steps, separated quite far and meant for frogs. Anne still determined to get the Plantars to the pond, she jumps onto a giant fly and riding it, they make it to the pond, but the redness doesn't die off. Sad that she will lose her adoptive family, Anne tells them the truth and promises to never fake sickness again. Presently, they realize that they are not dying, but are just red because of a mushroom Anne put in the soup she made for them when they had initially gotten sick, which produced symptoms similar to "Red Leg". Anne then hugs the Plantar's and cries tears of joy knowing they are going to live.

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