Cowapillars are one of the various creatures that live in Amphibia. They are the Amphibian variant of a cow.


They look like smooth, white caterpillars with pink legs and black spots along their body similar to a cow. No eyes are present, like other caterpillars. They also feature stubby horn-like projections coming from the top of their heads. Being caterpillars, these are most likely a type of antennae, possibly through selective breeding.


  • Mrs. Croaker has multiple cowapillars on her dairy farm, Croaker Dairy.
  • These cowapillars are the possible source of milk in Amphibia, and are also capable of producing cheese as shown in the episode "Hop Luck" and possibly other dairy products as well.
    • Although, it is unknown where this dairy comes from, considering they are obviously not mammals.
  • They also take on the aggression of a bull as the cowapillar also charges at red items or objects.
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