Curator Ponds is a frog and owner of the Curiosity Hut in the town of Stony Gulch.


The Curator is a light orange, aged frog with large, yellow eyes and bushy-grey eyebrows. He wears a black suit over a white shirt with a red bow tie similar in color to his maroon fez with an amphibian symbol. He carries an eight ball cane with him and wears an unnecessary black eye-patch over one of his eyes.


Like the character he resembles, Stan Pines, the Curator is sneaky and greedy, as he possesses an affinity for money and an air for showmanship. Unlike his counterpart, the Curator has a wicked side and is willing to hurt and imprison others for his own gain.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Indonesia Indonesian Muhammad Guritno
Thailand Thai Rattanachai Lueangwongngam (รัตนชัย เหลืองวงศ์งาม)



  • Mr. Ponds serves as an homage to the character Stan Pines from the Disney Channel series Gravity Falls.[1] He resembles Stan in appearance and attire, as well as sharing occupation and voice actor.
    • His last name "Ponds" is an allusion to the surname "Pines".
    • The Curator also has a fondness for cans of meat, which was a meal that Stan Pines also liked to eat.
  • On Reddit, series creator Matt Braly stated he's definitely dead in the episode.[2]


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