The Dandy Lion Inn was a visitor trap disguised as a bed and breakfast hotel. It was run by the cannibalistic Horned Bullfrogs. After the Plantar Family's escape, it was demolished by a chemical explosion.


It was made at an unknown time. During a trip with Anne, the Plantar Family's snail Bessie stopped moving suddenly near the location of the Inn, leading the Plantars to stay there, as their tent was destroyed shortly after it began to rain. They were welcomed with kindness and hospitality and were offered cookies and even their own rooms. Later on it was revealed that the hosts had other intentions, and as Polly's family members began to disappear, it's revealed that they were trying to eat them, as they had done to many travelers before them. Polly managed to tip a cauldron and cause the toads to slip, and free the rest of the family. They left the inn and discovered the other snails belonging to the various travelers who had stayed in the Inn formerly, along with Bessie, who had been affected by a trap placed by the Horned Bullfrogs. The Plantars managed to free the snails while Anne tipped over two storage containers containing vinegar and baking soda. They escaped just as the inn exploded due to a chemical reaction, and freed all the other snails that had been captured.

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