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"Girl Time"
Dating Season

"Anne Vs. Wild"

Clowny ivy
Sprig and Anne are walking through the forest when the former is suddenly attacked by Ivy Sundew, a young frog girl and childhood acquaintance of Sprig's. The two catch up as Anne is introduced to her as Sprig's sparring partner. After Ivy leaves, Anne immediately accuses Sprig of having a crush on her. Upon returning home, Anne tells Hop Pop that Sprig was "flirting" with Ivy which makes him happy as the Sundew family possesses farm land that contains medicinal properties that is worth a fortune. He prepares a courting kit for Sprig, but this makes him uncomfortable as he sees Ivy as just a friend and the fact that he is technically still engaged to Maddie. Anne convinces Sprig that most couples start off as just friends before taking things romantically, showing him some of her dating magazines and he decides to go along with it just as Hop Pop invites the Sundews for courtship at the Firefly Festival that is happening that night via mosquito messenger. After delivering the message Hop Pop also allows the mosquito to have some of his blood as a "tip".

Sprig and Ivy get prepared in traditional clothing for the ritual much to everyone's delight, minus Polly who does not care about the engagement. Hop Pop and Felicia both voice how proud they are of each other's children and that after the marriage Sprig would work in Felicia's tea shop while Hop Pop would receive the Felicia family's special seeds and land. while Anne vocally supports the pairing. During the dance, Sprig and Ivy awkwardly try to be polite with each other before admitting that they see each other as just friends. They happily venture into the woods to watch fireflies. While Anne sees this as a romantic gesture, Hop Pop and Felicia believe that the ritual will be ruined if they do not finish dancing and convince Anne, and a uncaring Polly, that they have to go get them. While searching for them, they encounter Love doves, which in Amphibia are beautiful, but ferocious creatures who swoop up and grab the group.

As Sprig and Ivy happily enjoy watching fireflies, they hear their friends and family in danger and chase after the Lovebirds. The captured families are left to "marinate in their own fear" as Hop Pop and Felicia start arguing and Anne attempts to read through her love magazine, where she had been getting a lot of her information. Polly is fed up and angrily tells them that their current situation was due to Hop Pop and Felicia's greed and Anne's dumb matchmaking statistics in her dating magazines and they all apologize. Sprig and Ivy rescue everyone by ambushing the birds and defeat the Love doves. As the Sundews return home, Sprig realizes that he has, in fact, fallen in love with Ivy.

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