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Portrait Domino 2

The Kill-a-pillar which resembles Domino

Domino is the pet cat of Anne Boonchuy. She is located on Earth and owned by the Boonchuy Family. Her resemblance is similar to that of a Kill-a-pillar, one of the various creatures found in Amphibia.

Anne absolutely loves Domino so much that she gives her as much care as possible.


Domino is a small black cat with white paws, huge black eyes, white fur on her chest. At the end of her tail, she has a splotch of white.


According to Anne, Domino was a stray which Anne lead home using a toy mouse. She did the same with the Kill-a-pillar. The Kill-a-pillar aka Domino 2, looked exactly like Domino 1 back at Anne‘s home. Anne stated she "knows" cats and meaning she is an expert on the subject of cats. Anne took a picture with her phone of Domino laying on the floor with blue yarn right beside her, which she shows to the Plantar family. Additionally, her phone has a cat phone case and she also has a cat keychain on her backpack, which probably explains Anne’s love of cats.


  • Domino has made an appearance on Anne's phone in "Lily Pad Thai", and 4 other episodes.
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