Domino 2 is a Kill-a-pillar, featured in the episode, "The Domino Effect". She has a unique resemblance to Anne Boonchuy's cat from home, named Domino.


In the pupa stage, Domino 2 has black fur, with white stripes on her body and chest, big yellow eyes and six legs. In her adult stage when she transforms, she resembles a cat-butterfly hybrid and increases in size, with the body and wings similar to that of a monarch butterfly and head and legs of a white cat. She also has rows of pale-yellow teeth and a green tongue lined with sharp spikes.


Domino 2 is like most cats, playful, cute, an attention hog, pretty much exactly like a cat. She is considered to be a very cute creature by Anne who still loves her even after she transforms into an adult. In her adult stage, Domino 2 is more aggressive towards Amphibians but still has a playful nature, attracted to the mouse toy Anne used to distract her from eating the Plantars in the episode "The Domino Effect".


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  • Plushes of Domino 2 were made into official merchandise.

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