The Doom Tree is a strange creature that lives and impersonates as a tree in the middle of a forest in Amphibia. When Anne, Sprig, and Polly attempted to break off a branch to get a new cane for Hop Pop, it was revealed to not be a tree at all, but in fact a sort of insect, similar to a walking-stick insect.


When in the "tree" form, it appears as a crooked, old, mossy tree, with two small branches at it's middle. When revealed as a giant stick-bug, it has two long, sharp claws, with two pairs of rear legs. Its head is large, with two, bulbous pink eyes on either side and a mouth lined with razor sharp teeth and two mandibles. There are also two twigs protruding from the top of it's head, resembling antennae.


  • In it's true form, the doom tree closely resembles a stick insect, with twig-like features to fool predators as well as prey in this case.
  • Leopold Loggle possesses a map which leads to the location of the Doom Tree.
"Some kind of grotty bug"

The Doom Tree in it's true form

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