Family Shrub

"Lily Pad Thai"



While working on the Plantar family shrub, Sprig and Polly think their ancestors are boring while Anne plays a video game on her phone. As Hop Pop goes out to get more glue, the kids find a secret entrance to three rooms of their ancestors, each with a deadly trap. In the first room, belonging to a scientist ancestor (Skip Plantar), Sprig pulls a lever that releases a mutated pumpkin creature. Sprig tames it, only to betray it and kick it back in the cage. In the second room, they find out their turnip-farming ancestor was also a great warrior.


Sprig pulls another lever, activating a training simulator which Polly smashes her way with a morning star though before turning it off. The final room was full of games and puzzles collected by, much to Anne's joyous surprise, a newt who was an honorary Plantar. The spiked ceiling begins to cave and Anne solves the puzzle claiming it was like her game, opening up their escape. After finding the exit and returning to their living room, the kids are proud of their ancestors and Anne is proud to be an honorary Plantar. Having just got home and learning about the secret rooms, Hop Pop decides to check them out, along with Woggle who accidentally got stuck to his back when Hop Pop was searching for glue in his shop. Hearing the screams and shouts coming from the underground passage, the kids decide to follow them in as well to make sure they're safe.

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