Felicia Sundew is a supporting character in Amphibia. She lives with her daughter Ivy Sundew, in Wartwood Swamp.


She is a yellow frog with braided orange hair. Felicia has green flowers in her hair and has an hair net. She wears a dark green dress and lipstick.


Felicia owns "Felicia's Tea Shoppe", a cafe located in Wartwood Swamp which sells items such as Dung beetle scones and tea.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Silvia Aira
Flag of Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Priscila Concepcion
Flag of Spain Spanish Ana María Ouro
Flag of Poland Polish Agnieszka Fajlhauer
Flag of Thailand Thai Chidchanok Yamma (ชิดชนก แย้มมา)



  • Prior to her introduction in "Girl Time", she was featured in the game Locust Pocus.
  • Her appearance is possibly intended to resemble a fairy tale princess, which could be seen as a play on the fairy tale, The Princess and the Frog.

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