"Cane Crazy"
Flood, Sweat & Tears

"Hop Luck"
Flood, Sweat, & Tears
Anne and Sprig have developed a great friendship with one another and have become compatible when it comes to working together. Hop Pop learns that the basement where Anne has been sleeping has flooded due to burrow bugs. While Sprig wants to help and patch the leak, Hop Pop prevents him as the water is from the river and therefore could contain dangerous creatures. He offers Anne to instead sleep on the couch while the leak is fixed, but Sprig suggests that Anne sleep in his room since they are good friends. While Hop Pop allows it, he fears that no good will come of it stating that soon they will realize that they do not know each other as well as they think they do once they are in each other's personal space.

Anne and Sprig start off the night okay at first by having a pillow fight and playing "would you rather", however, the two begin having trouble sleeping as Anne needs the room cold while Sprig needs the room warm. Hop Pop suggests Anne sleep on the couch again, but the two friends will not budge and claim they liked bunking with one another. Over the next nine days, the two begin displaying habits the annoy the other like Anne using her phone past bedtime and eating loud snacks and Sprig croaking and leaving dirty clothes everywhere, but despite the obvious growing disdain and neither refuse to acknowledge the troubles happening. Anne finally tries to lift Sprig's spirits with another pillow fight, but accidentally causes him to break one of his homemade action figures. Sprig calmly steps out the room leaving Anne to feel miserable.

Both of them rush down to the basement to find the leak and began arguing about their living arrangement. They are attacked by river lampreys that try to drag them under. Using their work technique from earlier, they defeat the lampreys who burrow a hole and drain the basement. Hop Pop comes down to tell the two that despite it not working out, they are better friends now for being honest with one another. Anne moves to the couch to sleep, but finds it lonely. Sprig then creates a can link phone for the two to communicate and play "would you rather", but the moment is ruined when the entire first floor is flooded prompting Anne to realize that the leak has still not been fixed.

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