Flour & Daughters Bakery is a bakery owned by the baker, Mr. Flour and his daughter, Maddie Flour.

It is a bakery that produces multiple types of breads and flour products. It was seen first in Hop Luck when Anne and the Plantar Family gathered there to get pizza dough for the annual "Hop Luck" event.


The bakery appears to have been carved from the stump of a tree, as many other shops of Amphibia are. There is a short front door lined with grey stones along it's edges, with a large window above it and a smaller one to its side. There is a large opening to the left of the door where bread is stored in a large wooden container, which could be used to cool the freshly baked bread. The sign reading "Flour & Daughters Bakery" has been carved to resemble a large rolling pin.

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