The Fwagon (Family Wagon) is the main transportation wagon for Anne and the Plantar Family on a 2 week journey from Wartwood Swamp to Newtopia. It is a miniature version of the Plantar Farm and is driven by their snail, Bessie.[1]

Appearance with functions

As a miniature version of the farm, it contains rooms, windows, and the Plantar emblem seen hung on a branch protruding from the back of the wagon. On the front, it possesses a green seat where the driver sits to control and steer Bessie. It has a set of two big wooden doors situated on the back with silver engravings and a sign above it with "Pondskipper" being displayed. There are two main doors on either side of the wagon which feature a small carving of Hop Pop and is kept lit by a translucent metal globe which contain fireflies to provide light. Glowing red mushrooms serve as taillights and placed in between them is a wooden barrel. On the front, a few plants are located under a window surrounded by two yellow bio-luminescent mushrooms.



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