My name is General Yunan, scourge of the Sand Wars, defeater of Ragnar the Wretched, and the youngest newt to ever achieve the rank of general in the great Newtopian Army!

—General Yunan, "Toadcatcher"

General Yunnan is a character in Amphibia. She is a female warrior newt who is from Newtopia and the youngest newt to achieve the rank of general in the Newtopian Army.


She is a tall pink newt with a slender build and white-blonde hair that protrudes from the back of her head. She has a lighter shaded underbelly and a long tail featuring brighter pink spots on it. She wears Newtopia issued armor made of silver metal including two pauldrons patterned with intricate swirling designs, similar to the rest of her armor. Her cape has the flag symbol of Newtopia. Pinned to her chest are various badges of different colors. One of her noticeable features is that each glove has two retractable hooked claws situated above her hands.


General Yunnan is very prideful and repeatedly boasts about her achievements, which she quotes a lot. She is psychotic and vicious, being quite intelligent too as she was able to trick Percy and Braddock into revealing Grime's location. Nonetheless, her egotistical nature is her hubris that results in her own downfall, as she gets too invested in introducing rather than being aware of potential backstabbing from her enemies.


General Yunnan achieved the rank of general among the Newtopian army at the youngest age ever, of which she boasts about regularly when introducing herself. In "Toadcatcher" she was sent by Newtopia to capture Grime for military failure in the Valley, however being defeated by him and Sasha when they decided to work together.


Behind the Scenes

Name and basis

Given that she is a newt, her name might be a reference to the Yunnan lake newt, an extinct species of newt that was found in the Yunnan province of China.


She is voiced by Zehra Fazal.


  • Although Yunnan's retractable hooked claws are so sharp that they can slice down things from plates to trees like a hot knife through butter, they are not as durable and more brittle than Sasha's pink sword when the claws on Yunnan's right glove shattered in half after constant clashes against Sasha's sword as seen in the episode "Toadcatcher".


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