"Didn't you know two thirds of all mates start with souls?"
Didn't you know two thirds of all mates start with souls? The title of this article is conjectural. No official name has been given to Giant Mutated Pumpkin, so we're using a placeholder name until an official one is found.

The Giant Mutated Pumpkin is a large, mutant pumpkin created by Skip Plantar many years before Anne arrived to Amphibia. It is located in one of the secret underground labs located underneath the Plantar's house.


It is very large, with four woody feet resembling entangled vines. It has a short, thick stem, and a large orange leaf protruding from the top of its head. It has two slits across it's front resembling eyes and a large mouth cut in the shape similar to a jack-o-lantern's with green slime dribbling continuously from it.


"Family Shrub"

  • In the episode, It is released for a brief moment when Sprig accidentally triggers the release switch and thrashes about the lab before being confronted by Sprig who tricks the pumpkin by showing affection and loving it before pushing it back into it's cage and shutting the entrance.


  • The way Skip defeated this monster is a nod to how Ellen Ripley defeated the giant albino xenomorph in the movie Alien Resurrection.
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