Girl Time is the second segment of the sixth episode of the first season of Amphibia, and the twelfth episode overall.

It premiered on June 25, 2019 alongside Sprig Vs. Hop Pop.[1]


Fearing Hop Pop and Sprig's antics may be affecting Polly, Anne plans to give her some long-overdue girl time, whether she wants it or not.


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Main Cast

Additional Voices

  • James Adomian
  • James Patrick Stuart
  • April Winchell

Toadie and most of the other Amphibians have no lines in the whole episode.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Cosas de chicas Girl Stuff
Flag of Spain Spanish (Castilian) Día de Chicas Girl Day
Flag of Netherlands Dutch Meidendag
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Thời Gian Dành Cho Con Gái Girl Time
Flag of Japan Japanese ガールタイム
Flag of South Korea Korean 언니만 믿어! Trust Only Your Sister!


  • This is the second time Anne has a flashback to a moment on Earth.


  • The words "dang" and "heck" were cut during the Southeast Asia broadcast.


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