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"Sprig Vs. Hop Pop"
Girl Time

"Dating Season"

While Anne and Polly watch Sprig and Hop Pop spit together, Polly also decides to join in and spits the furthest distance, hitting a cup on the other side of the lake. Not wanting Polly to end up like the boys, Anne plans to give Polly some long-overdue girl time, asking Hop Pop for his wallet which was filled with IOUs.

Girl Time 02

They first go to a luxury spa, where Anne pays using IOUs for a spa treatment. Anne seems to be enjoying it but Polly keeps goofing off, riding one of the fishes in the spa. They then go to a clothing store where Anne gets Polly stuffy, over-sized clothing. They then visit Felica's Tea Shoppe where they have tea and eat dung-beetle biscuits. Felicia, having learnt of Anne and Polly's girl time tells them a place where they can get a massage. While going to these different places, Anne enjoys the girl time but Polly doesn't. Finally, while Anne gets a painful massage from a masseuse/bounty hunter named Tuti, Polly decides to ditch her. Finding out that Polly ditched her after the massage, Anne feels dejected and distraught, later finding her with Wally and chastises Polly for ditching her and hanging out with people like Wally. Then after Polly says girl time is boring, Anne accidentally insults her, hurting her feelings.

Tuti leads the villagers into fetching Wartwood's residential sheriff Buck Leatherleaf who arrests Anne and the Plantar family for the IOU's she used to pay the services as Hop-Pop was broke, so all the IOUs Anne spent were worthless. They are to be sent to debtors' prison to gather giant spider eggs to pay their debt. Knowing that Polly is a great spitter, Anne wants her to break the spitting record to get the golden trophy so their debt can be repaid in exchange that they don't go to debtors' prison. However, Polly is not up to it because she feels bad about herself after what Anne said about her and how spitting was gross, feeling disgusted about spitting now. Anne then apologizes to her and accepts her for who she is, saying that she was wrong, giving Polly the motivation to spit far enough to break the record and pay off the debts. Tuti then breaks the trophy and distributes it among the citizens who had been paid with the fake IOUs. Tuti then gives the remaining piece of gold to the Plantars, which Anne decides to have carved in the shape of Polly and put where the original statue was placed.

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