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Handy Anne

"Fort in the Road"

Anne and Sprig are taking in the beginning of spring, with the former ready to begin anew. Sprig asks if she has moved on from her battle with Sasha, to which Anne replies that she has, while at the same time experiencing flashbacks to the event. To divert the topic, Anne notices Hop Pop and Polly pulling up with a caravan, which the elder Plantar refers to as a "fwagon." He says that he bought it because he intends to lead them to Newtopia, a sprawling metropolis in the heart of Amphibia, now that the mountain range has cleared up and they could now search answers on how to get Anne back home.

Hop Pop says that whoever can help Anne get home will most likely be in the city. Anne expresses joy at this and even infers that they might be able to find her other missing friend, Marcy, on the way there. Hop Pop lets them go pack their belongings before they leave that night. Hop Pop entrusts Anne to give their house key to tulip grower Chuck, whom Hop Pop hired to guard their house and crops while they are gone. Chuck arrives and is shown to be completely incapable of the task at hand. Feeling guilty that the Plantars are risking their home and livelihood just for her, she decides to fortify the house herself.

Meanwhile, Sprig begins to pack, but cannot decide which slingshot he should bring (from his vast array that he keeps in his closet). It is only made worse when Polly, who only packs her bucket and nothing more, decides to mess with Sprig by making him doubt himself on the right slingshot to choose, driving the ten-year-old pink frog mad.

As Anne gets to work fortifying the house, she goes to Leopold Loggle and asks if he has anything that might better defend the crops. He shows her a concoction that he made that strengthens plants, but warns her that it might be too dangerous for her to handle. Ignoring his warning, Anne takes the potion and pours it all over the crops, not heeding the warning on the barrel that she should not use all of it.

As the Plantars finally begin to hit the road, the potion causes the crops to come to life and attack the Plantars. They manage to defeat them, but their remains form a giant vegetable monster, which gets its foot caught in a trap Anne and planted to protect the farm. In pain, the monster stumbles and falls onto the house and farm, completely destroying them. Anne is devastated, realizing that this is all her fault. As the monster recovers and prepares to attack Anne, her eyes glow blue and, with phenomenal strength, she takes down the monster.

She confesses that she is responsible, and explains she only did it because she felt guilty that the Plantars are risking everything for her. Hop Pop reassures her they are going on the journey with her, rather than because of her. Using a conch signal, Hop Pop summons Chuck, who fixes up the house in seconds. Amazed at his work, Anne apologizes for doubting Chuck.

Before setting off, Anne asks Hop Pop if they can bring the music box with them. Remembering where he buried the box, Hop Pop declines, once again claiming it is safe with his "contacts".

Now ready, the Plantars set out on the road for Newtopia, but not before forgetting to give Chuck the key to the house.

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