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Frog: Yep, it's been three months. Still up here.

Sprig: [sighs] Spring is finally here.
Anne: All right, Sprig. New season, new possibilities. I'm ready to blossom into my best self.
Sprig: So, you're feeling better about the whole Sasha incident?
Anne: Yep. Totally fine.
Sprig: Oh, cool. 'Cause if I had to fight like that, I'd be devastated. Heck, I'd be upset just hearing someone talk about it.
Anne: Oh, look. Hop Pop and Polly.
Hop Pop: Yoo-hoo!
Anne: Whoa! [grunts]
Sprig: Whoa, Hop Pop. What is this thing?
Hop Pop: Impressive, huh? This here's an all-terrain, custom-modeled family wagon. Calling it the fwagon.
Sprig: Whoa.
Anne: Fwagon? Really?
Hop Pop: Cheap too.
Polly: The previous owners died in it.
Anne: So why do we need a new wagon?
Hop Pop: Fwagon.
Anne: Not calling it that.
Hop Pop: Well, with the snow melted and the mountain pass open, we can finally travel outside the valley to Newtopia!
Sprig: Oh, my frog! We're going to Newtopia?
Anne: What's in Newtopia?

Hop Pop: It's the beating heart of Amphibia. A bustling metropolis full of ancient knowledge, run by the wisest of newts. If anyone can help you get home, it's them!
Sprig: So mystical.
Anne: I can't believe it. You mean this could actually be my ticket home? Not only that, but maybe out on the road we'll find Marcy.
Hop Pop: You betcha. Pack your things, kids. We leave tonight.
All: Whoo-hoo.

Sprig & Polly: We're going to Newtopia!
Hop Pop: Say, Anne, since you don't have a lot to pack, could you give Chuck the spare key when he swings by?
Anne: Who's Chuck?
Sprig: We played bugball together.
Polly: He grows tulips.
Anne: [groans] Nope, not ringing a bell. Why does he need a key?
Hop Pop: Because I hired him to protect the house from all the things waiting to destroy it.
Anne: Wait! What?
Hop Pop: An empty house is vulnerable, Anne. Needs protectin'. Not to mention our crops, the very soul of a farm. Left alone to face wildfires, locusts, tornadoes, flaming locust tornadoes. Anyway, here you go.
Anne: Didn't realize you guys are risking so much to help me.
Sprig: Eh, he's just being dramatic.
[frog screaming]
Sprig: Mostly.
Hop Pop: All right, kids. Time to get packing.
Anne: Starting to feel a little guilty about all this. Well, at least Chuck's gonna handle it. Whoever that is.
[snail chirps]
Anne: Chuck!
Dave: Actually, I'm Dave. That's Chuck.
Chuck: I grow tulips.
[snail revs]
Anne: Oh, yeah. Chuck.
Chuck: [gargles, spits] [screams] Tulips!
Chuck: [screams, grunting]
Anne: No, no! There's no way this guy can handle the job. The house is doomed, and it's all my fault. Unless...
Anne: [grunts] Chuck, buddy, turns out we won't need you after all, because I'm gonna disaster-proof the house myself.
Chuck: T-Tulips.
Anne: Okay, first I need supplies. But they can't just be any supplies. They have to be the best supplies. 'Cause the Plantars are risking everything for me. Their home, their livelihood, their frog-hoppin' future. And that means they deserve the best, right?

Seller: I mean... it's a shovel.
Anne: I'll take ten.

Sprig: I'm finally going to Newtopia! My first trip outside the valley.
Sprig: Hmm. But how to pack for the most important journey of my life? Blap. Well, I need my trusty slingshot. Duh! But which trusty slingshot? I mean, Rocky's got the most launching power. And Slingerton's better for close-quarters combat. And Silver Bolt, you've always had my back. Is it weird I talk to my slingshots? [as Silver Bolt] No, Sprig. It's normal and cool. Aw, thanks, Silver Bolt. [groans] This is hard. [gasps] I know. I'll let fate decide. Let's try that again.

Loggle: [hums] Oh! Hiya, Anne. Let me guess. Disaster-proofing your house?
Anne: Oh, yeah. I got everything I need for the house. Just need something for the crops. The very heart and soul of a farm. You got anything for that?
Loggle: As a matter of fact, I do.
Anne: Hmm, that was weird.
Loggle: Yeah, didn't feel right. Behold.
Anne: [gasp]
Loggle: My latest concoction. This gunk won't just protect your crops, it'll awaken a power within them. A power, some would say, that's better left...
Anne: I'll take it.
Loggle: Wait, really? Don't you wanna hear the rest of my cryptic warning?
Anne: Hmm, nope.
Loggle: Works for me. Cash or credit?
Anne: Thanks, Loggle. [groans]

Polly: Boom! [grunts] All done! Hop Pop, I'm bored.
Hop Pop: Well, I could use some help with these ascots. They require a very delicate fold.
Polly: Pass.

Polly: How's it going... bro?
Sprig: I had a packing crisis. Went a bit overboard. I admit it. But, uh, it's fine. [chuckles] I figured it out.
Polly: Great. I'm done packing too. Wanna play?
Sprig: Done? [laughing] No, sweet, sweet Polly. I figured out what slingshot to bring. Now the real packing begins. [laughs]
Polly: [smirks] Maybe I can help. What's next on the... Oh. You picked this one?
Sprig: What, what, why?
Polly: No, it's great. I'm sure you picked the right one. Pretty sure. Maybe.
Sprig: [screams]

[techno music playing]
Anne: [groaning]

Anne: Just got to be really careful here.

Anne: Now, for the final touch.

[music ends]
Anne: Oop! Let's see here. "Give your crops a fighting chance with Loggle's Miracle Glop!" Blah, blah, blah. Boom, baby!
Hop Pop: Whelp, let's get the fwagon loaded, shall we?
Anne: Whoa, Sprig, are you okay?
Sprig: Yes, great. How are you?
Polly: [giggles]
Hop Pop: Wow. Chuck really outdid himself. Ain't nothing happening to this place while we're gone.
Anne: [chortling]
Anne: Whoa!
Hop Pop: What the... What's going on?
Veggie monsters: [hisses] [grunts] [hisses]
Hop Pop: Veggie monsters.
Polly: I've had this nightmare before.
Anne: Oh, wow. How could this have happened?
Sprig: Don't worry, fam. I got this. Fly true, Silver... [grunts]
Polly: [laughs, screams]
Veggie monster: [hisses]
Anne: Polly! All right, everyone, action time!
Hop Pop: [screams]
Sprig: Yeah!
Veggie monster: [hisses]
Hop Pop: Hash browns!
Polly: [gasps] [to Spring] I'm sorry for messing with ya. Now sling me!
Veggie monster: [grunts]
Anne: [pants] We did it! And the house is undamaged!
Anne: What?
Giant veggie monster: [growling] [grunts]
Polly: Cool!
Anne: Guys!
Sprig , Hop Pop & Polly: [grunt]
Giant veggie monster: [hisses] [shrieks]
Anne: Yes! Wait, no! Don't go that way. That's toward the house.
Giant veggie monster: [hisses]
Anne: [screaming] No!
Sprig: Our home!
Polly & Hop Pop: [both scream]
Anne: The house. Everything I worked so hard to protect. Oh, you just made a big mistake, buddy.
Giant veggie monster: [growling]
Anne: [screaming]
Giant veggie monster: [yelps]
Anne: [screaming]
Giant veggie monster: [growling]
Anne: [spits] Eat your vegetables.
Tiny veggie monster: [groans]
Sprig: Anne! That was amazing.
Polly: You saved our tails.
Anne: Yeah, but the house.
Hop Pop: The important thing is we're all okay. It's not your fault a mysterious green energy turned the crops evil.
Anne: Actually, it is.
Hop Pop: Say what?
Sprig: But why? How?
Anne: So, uh, it's kind of a funny story. I got rid of Chuck, then I fortified the house and maybe fed the crops some evil curse magic Loggle made.
All: You what?
Anne: [sighs] I just wanted the house to be safe while you guys were taking this big trip for me.
Hop Pop: Anne, we're not taking this trip for you. We're taking it with you.
Sprig: We got your back no matter what.
Anne: Thanks, fam. That... That means a lot to me. We can hold off on Newtopia. I'll fix the house first.
Hop Pop: No need. [inhales] [tulip blows]
Chuck: I grow tulips.
Anne: Hoopa da boopa.
Hop Pop: [laughs] Why do you think I hired Chuck in the first place?
Anne: Sorry, I doubted you, dude.
Chuck: I grow tulips.
Hop Pop: Yes, he does. All right, kids. It's a two-week journey to Newtopia so we better get going.
Sprig: Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
Polly: Let's a-go!
Anne: Hey, Hop Pop. I was thinking... wouldn't it be a good idea to bring the music box with us on the trip?
Hop Pop: Oh, uh... No, no, no. Uh, it'll be safe with my contacts for the time being.
Anne: All right, HP. I trust your judgment.
Hop Pop: Well, let's get this fwagon on the road. No turnin' back now.
Anne: Did we give the key to Chuck?
Hop Pop: We're turning back now.

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