"Hop Luck" is the first segment of the third episode of the first season of Amphibia, and the fifth episode overall.

It premiered on June 19, 2019 alongside "Stakeout".[1]


To win a village cooking contest, Anne leads the family on a quest to make pizza.[2]


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Main Cast

Additional Voices

Toadie has no lines in the episode.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Spanish (Latin America) Plato fuerte Main course
Japanese ゆめのりょうり Dish dream
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Cuộc Thi Nấu Ăn Cooking Competition
Korean 개구리 마을 요리대회 Frog village cooking contest
French ? ?


Revelations and Continuity

  • This is the first time the fourth wall is broken.
  • Anne has a cat named Domino back on Earth.


  • "Pot Luck" - The title of the episode, "Hop Luck", is a reference to "Pot Luck".
  • "Pineapple on pizza" - After Anne shows the Plantars what they need to make the pizza with, Sprig suggests putting pineapple on it, which Anne harshly declines, in reference to the longstanding debate as to whether or not pineapple is an acceptable topping for pizza.


  • In the Southeast Asia broadcast, the part where Maddie pokes through Sprig voodoo doll with a sharpen stick was cut. Also, Anne's line "Hey, what the heck? What was that?" was shortened to "Hey, what was that?"


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